1. Installed Sprinkler Systems

1. Installed Sprinkler Systems

Product Code : Sprinkler System

Fire and Rescue Australia can install a full sprinkler system from pump to sprinkler heads to your property.

The ideal install for those that don’t have the physical ability to drag hoses around on 40° days.

This is the highest level of protection you can get for your house. Providing hands free protection against direct fire front and ember attack.

The system will dampen your house and surrounding area making it difficult for embers ignite and if the do it will slow the progress of any fire making it easier to extinguish.

If you live in a property that can easily be cut off by a fire, or near the bush, you need to consider what you and your family will do in the event that it is too late to evacuate. A Sprinkler System will make your house the safest place to be.

Add fixed firehose reels to make patrolling and extinguishing even easier.

As the fire front approaches or embers start to fall start the pump and let the system do its work.

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SA Properties only.


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