12.6 Tonne SAVA Kevlar Re-inforced Airbag 12-22

12.6 Tonne SAVA Kevlar Re-inforced Airbag 12-22

Product Code : Airbags0424

High pressure lifting bags exert maximum force in a concentrated area making them ideal when lifting rigid structures in tight places.

Crisscross Kevlar reinforcing and thick, multi-layer rubber shell ensures long life under harsh conditions. Sava lifting bags are compatible with any other manufacturer's lift bag systems, just specify brand when ordering.

• Art. Number: 73735
• Size: 45cm x 45cm
• Thickness: 28mm
• Weight: 5.3kg
• Insertion height: 29mm
• Maximum lifting height: 22cm
• Maximum lifting capacity: 12650kg
• Nominal content: 16.90 litres
• air requirement: 152 litres
• Maximum inflation pressure: 8 bar
• Test pressure: 12 bar 
• Bursting pressure: >32 bar
• Inflation time: 7 sec



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