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Breathing Apparatus Pantograph Bracket


To Suit 2 CABA Sets

Storage space in any Fire Vehicle is critical BA Pantograph has been designed to occupy a minimum of space while safely storing 2 BA Cylinders.Measuring 302mm wide, 678mm high and having a depth of just 467mm, the BA Pantograph is the preferred storage system by many of the Fire Brigades throughout Australia.The Pantograph can be accessorised with specially designed Tilt-Out-Cylinder Brackets* which are ready to attach to the unit and also contain a moulded durable plastic cylinder holder.*These brackets are NOT included with the BA Pantograph and are sold separately.

CABA Safety Rescue Mat


CABA Safety Rescue Mat

Chinagraph Pencil - Black or Red (Box-10)


The pencil used for marking on colorbond, banners, glass, acetate, film, china and all impervious surfaces. Markings may be easily removed with a dry or wet cloth.

Face Mask Bag


Face Mask Bag

FARA Cylinder Staging Sheet


FARA Cylinder Staging Sheet - PVC

Grace Industries FX5 Stand-Alone Pass Alarm - NFPA Compliant - Heat & Motion Detection


Grace Industries In-Command® FX is an All-in-One Stand-Alone NFPA Primary Wireless PASS Accountability System.

FX-5 Global Provides an Improved Level of Safety for Firefighters    In-Command® FX-5 Specifications:  Intrinsically Safe to UL913, and CSA C22.2, No 157  Compliant to NFPA 1982, 2013 Edition TIA 13-2 Requirements for RF PASS New Sound Signature   Bright, Highly Visible LED Status Indicators • Large Stainless Steel Grip-Clip & D-Ring  98+ dBA Sound Pressure Level at 500° F (260° C)  Data-Logging all PASS status changes (On, Off, Alarm, etc)  Heat Stress Temperature Alarm  200Hours of Battery Life

In-Command TFX5 Stand-Alone Pass Alarm - NFPA Compliant - Heat & Motion Detection


Grace Industries In-Command® FX is an All-in-One Stand-Alone NFPA Primary Wireless PASS Accountability System.

The TFX-5 Global is a high performance NFPA compliant stand-alone RF PASS. It has an in-range, telemetry signal integrity LED indicator, as well as MAYDAY signalling. This Firefighter device provides immediate notification of MAYDAY to In-Command. By pressing both side buttons, a manual acknowledgement is transmitted confirming receipt of evacuation command or PAR and ROLL-CALL signals. All fire ground activities are logged on In-Command® software verifying each Firefighter has received PAR and EVAC.    In-Command® TFX-5 Specifications: Emergency Firefighter evacuations Intrinsically safe – UL913/CSA C22.2, No 157 Country specific custom wireless RF tuning 40 hours of battery life 4-6 hours of operation in alarm

Main Guideline 60m


Guide Lines:A small diameter line for the purpose of allowing subsequent BA teams to proceed directly to a fire in a smoke logged building by following the route of the line while attached to it via a snap hook. A Personal Line is housed in a small bag attached to the set and is 6 metres long, with a loop 1 metre from the start. Main Guide line is housed in a bag carried on the set which pays out the line as the team advances. It is 60m long with ordered metal ferrules located at3 metre intervals. These ferrules allow the team to tell by touch if they heading to the fire or the exit. Personal lines are used to attach to this line. Guide Line Tallies are used to identify a Guide Line during an incident. Main Guidelines are attached externally to the building, and a Main Line Tally, lettered A or B is then attached to the start of the line. Branch Line tallies, numbered 1 to 4 are used internally and are attached to a point along the Main Guideline. These have holes stamped in the tallies to indicate the number so they can be identified in poor visibility conditions.

Personal Line and Pouch


Personal Line and Pouch

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