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12 Volt 4.5 Watt Waterproof Solar Panel


These solar panels are ideal for charging sealed lead acid batteries. Supplied with mounting brackets, blocking diode, 2m output lead cable with alligator clips. Mounted in a plastic weatherproof case. They are ideal for marine use. They can be mounted on their brackets, and moved to follow the sun, or can be mounted flat on a surface. They are tough, and can be walked on if mounted flat (on a yacht or boat). Ideal for charging batteries: in cars used infrequently, for lighting etc, etc. • 1 Year Warranty• Voltage (max): 18V• Current (max): Up to 250mA• Panel Size: 187 x 255 x 17mm

50mm Philmac PVC Footvalve


50mm Philmac PVC Footvalve

Gutter Bung


Gutter bungs are made up of a fire retardant material which is filled with sand. Place a Gutter Bung over each hole in the gutter system on your house or shed, then fill the gutters up with water. This will then keep embers from flying into the gutters and start burning the leaves and branches that maybe in the gutter. Its is always best to keep your gutters clean. Size: 200mm x 250mm

$15.20 AUD

Onga Bronze Footvalve 1.5


Onga Bronze Footvalve 1-1/2

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