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Akron - Parker O Lube


Lubricates without deterioration of synthetic rubber.Recommended for low pressure pneumatic and vacuum systems. Prevents dryness. Good for use on exposed cylinder rods, valve plungers, etc. Adheres well to surfaces; water resistant. Temp. range -20° F to 300° F.

Akron 1720 Color Handles Kit


Akron 1720 Colour Handle

Akron 1720 Colour Handle The Handle kit replaces damaged or missing shutoff handles on Akron Brass shutoffs & nozzles with a 3/8" square trunnion.  The kit includes the roll pins to fasten it to the shutoff as well as the colour clips to help with identification. Features Redesigned ergonomic handle  Smaller size fits 3/8" trunnions  Commonly used with shutoffs with 1" waterway, 1" nozzles and 30-125gpm Turbojet nozzles  Easy to service & repair  Color Clips included: Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & White  Patent Pending Applications/Solutions Emergency Responder OEMs Fire OEMs Firefighting - Airport (ARFF) Firefighting - Industrial Firefighting - Structural Firefighting - Wildland Forestry Mining Petro-Chemical

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Akron Field Service Kit


for Styles 1715, 1720, 4615, 4616

Code: Nozzle12001 Style 9108 Parts included in this kit are normally all that are required to repair leaks in the shutoff area.

Akron Field Service Kit for Styles 1701, 1702, 1704, 4801 & 4802


Parts included in this kit are normally all that are required to repairleaks in the shutoff area. Style 9180  

Akron Low-Temp Lubriplate 411gm


Lubriplate Low Temp Lubricant for Akron products.

Repair instructions for Akron products often call for lubricants to ensure proper repair and long term service. LOW TEMP, 14 oz. (397gm) tube – Anhydrous Calcium grease Excellent cold operating characteristics Anti-wear protection Extremely water-resistant Lubriplate Low Temp Lubricant is an anhydrous calcium, NLGI 1-1/2 grade lubricant with excellent cold operating characteristics.  It has a wide operating range from pumpability at -60°F to an ASTM Dropping Point of 280°F, providing a workable range from -60°F to 250°F.

Akron Nozzle Tool Kit


Self-contained kit includes the tools needed to repair standard AkronĀ® Nozzles

This kit contains the unique tools needed to repair most standard Akron nozzles, valves, Wyes and Siamese. The kit includes:(3) Swivel Adapter Tools: 3/4", 1", 1 1/2"(1) Rod Other Tools NOT included that may be needed for product repair: (1) Adjustable Face Spanner Wrench(1) Set of Allen Wrenches(2) Flathead Screw Drivers(1) Small Hammer(2) Punches: 3/32", 1/8" diameter(1) Strap Wrench(1) O-Ring Removal Toolset(1) PlierParker® O-LubeLow-Temp Lubriplate ®

Nozzle Pistol Grip Replacement Kit with Hardware & Color Clips


Nozzle Pistol Grip Replacement Kit with Hardware & Color Clips

The 9004 Pistol Grip kit replaces damaged or missing pistol grips on Akron Brass shutoffs and nozzles.  The kit includes the screw hardware to fasten it to the shutoff as well as the adapter for older style shutoff bodies and the color clips to help with identification.

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