Angus Foam Master Expansion Foam Branch Pipe

Angus Foam Master Expansion Foam Branch Pipe

Product Code : Foam081

The Angus series of low expansion foam branch pipes has been designed with long range performance in mind. There are three basic models with nominal foam solution through puts of 225,450 and 900 litres/mm at 7 bar.
Self inducing models are available in the 225 and 450 litre/minute versions. All models produce finished foams of nominal expansion 10 : 1 and give foam streams of an exceptional range. To get the best
results from these branch pipes we recommend use with either FP70 Plus Fluoroprotein foam or Alcoseal AR-FFFP multi-purpose foam concentrate.

The /SH models are fitted with a self-inducing foam inlet connection,foam concentrate pick-up tube and piercer. 


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