Angus Mini Turbex Foam Generator

Angus Mini Turbex Foam Generator

Product Code : Foam0063

The HI-COMBAT Mini-Turbex generator is ideally suited to applications in a wide range of industries including Municipal Fire Brigades, Military, Ships engine rooms, machinery spaces and cargo holds, mining applications and total flooding of basements, flammable liquid stores, cable ducts and control of vapour releases of toxic and flammable liquid spills in general industrial applications.

It is also suited to outdoor situations where fuel spillages may occur, or a rapid flowing foam is required.

These generators are designed to be robust and lightweight for portable use and can be quickly operated by just one firefighter, complementing larger output units like the Turbex MkII high expansion generators. HI-COMBAT
Mini-Turbex generators are also compact, neatly sized to fit into a fire vehicle locker as standard equipment, and requires only an Angus HI-COMBAT IND225 portable foam inductor in the water line to induce the foam concentrate at 3% setting, for fast, effective operation.

The unit utilises forced air technology from a highly efficient pelton wheel driven fan which enables expanded foam to be produced against high back pressures. This pelton wheel is operated by 4 water jets, with an additional 4 nozzles spraying foam solution directly onto the foam making net for bubble production. When the optional smoke extraction ducting is fitted, the HI-COMBAT Mini-Turbex is also capable of rapid smoke movement at rates up to 100m3 (3,560cu.ft) per minute.

Any burning embers entrained in the smoke will be cooled by waterspray from the nozzles,
preventing the risk of ignition in adjacent areas.

This optional smoke ducting can also be used for removal of the foam once the fire is extinguished.




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