Antari Smoke Machine X515

Antari Smoke Machine X515

Product Code : Smoke Machine03

Antari X Fogger X-515, 1,500 W Heater 20,000 cu.ft/min. 6L tank capacity

As part of Antaris continual improvement and development of fogger products comes the X series mark 2. All X series foggers feature a streamlined contoured body and a 100% aluminium cast heat exchanger. The heavy duty pump with Antari’s proprietary circuit design and the powerful yet efficient heat exchanger ensure a clean but dry fog output unparalleled for a machine in its class. Special filtering and power management circuitry maintain constant performance under all conditions.

The two X series Mk2 foggers (X510 - 1000w and X515 - 1500w) both feature onboard DMX and blue fog fluid indicator LED. Improvements over the original X series include refinements to Antari’s proprietary circuitry and improvements in heat exchanging technology reducing initial heating time by over 25%. An electronic fluid level sensor prevents damage that can be caused when fluid is low or run out by cutting machine operation.

X series foggers are ideal for many applications such as installations, rental, clubs and their quiet design makes them great for TV and theatre


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