Aolai 30 Tonne Kevlar Reinforced Airbag

Aolai 30 Tonne Kevlar Reinforced Airbag

Product Code : Airbags23


Free trapped and injured casualties, Traffic accidents, Rockfalls or landslides, Collapsed buildings

Why choose Aolai Air lifting bags?

Thin section -- insertion height only 2.5cm

Especially strong -- Several layers of Aramid-reinforced material

Anti-slip surface

Safety coupling

Reflective corner markings and clear & distinctive labels


Model No. Working pressure Burst pressure  Dimension      (L x W x H)      Approx Weight Air  requirement Max. lifting height Lifting capacity
bar bar cm kg litres cm ton US Ton
 ALQD-30 8 32 61 x 61 x 2.5 11.5 416 34 27.8 30.7


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