Bio-Waste - Body Fluids Absorbent 500ml Sachet

Bio-Waste - Body Fluids Absorbent 500ml Sachet

Product Code : Spill08

Human and animal spills such as vomit, urine and blood occur and in some incidences, these can be highly infectious. Innocently, staff, customers and the public through direct contact or by cross contamination can be affected by these fluids.

Contaminated sewage, food waste, sullage and similar hazard fluids can also present a problem to clean up. LSL BIO-WASTE Absorbent is a fast, simple and safe spill response for all these fluids and replaces traditional cleaning methods of mop & bucket and paper towels.

LSL BIO-WASTE Infectious Waste Absorbent will rapidly immobilize potentially hazardous spills. Its unique absorbent properties allow the spill to be swept away without the risk of personal contact. It will reduce odours & the potential for cross contamination with the addition of deodouriser/antiseptic in the product .

With a blend of natural essential oils added for their de-odourising & antiseptic properties it can be used for infectious spills such as:

  • Human - vomit, urine, blood, faeces
  • Animal - vomit, urine, blood, faeces
  • Spoiled food - waste bins, sullage
  • Contaminated waste - sewage, food waste liquids




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