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Bluewater Assaultline++ 11.2mm Rope - Black

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Features:AssaultLine® is THE original low visibility, low elongation rope. AssaultLine is designed specifically for military, police and other applications where low visibility  is required. Its construction is the same superior design and quality as the BWII+ series of ropes but with a double twist cabled polyester sheath and a double twist cabled nylon core.

Bluewater II ++ 11.2mm Static Rope 50m

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Blue Water II+ plus, is the standard for use in caving, rappelling and rescue applications. Its design of double twist cabled sheath strands as well as double twist cabled core strands make it the best all around choice in static/low elongation ropes. Polyester sheath, nylon core for excellent balance of construction.

Bluewater II++ 13mm Static Rope 100m

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All BlueWater static ropes are still made in Australia in BlueWater's AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 certified facility.  Specifications: Gold with Blue Fleck Diameter: 13mm Tensile Strength: 44.4kN Weight: 124g per metre 

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