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JB's Traditional Soft Toe Elastic Sided Boot


JB's Wear Traditional Soft Toe Elastic Sided Boot

JB's Wear Traditional Soft Toe Elastic Sided Boot* PU/PU sole construction Inside mesh lining Elastic sided Front and back webbing puller Ladder grip at mid sole *NOT FIRE RATED OR SAFTEY BOOT 

$49.95 / pair AUDInc. GST

Oliver 180mm Wildland Firefighters Boot


Complys with AS/NZS 4821:2014EN 15090:2012

Oliver Footwear's firefighting and emergency services boots are designed to be the safety footwear choice of the relevant agencies and their frontline personnel. Features include - Water resistant and flame retardant leather TECtuff® toe bumper protection, Heavy duty red Nomex® stitching and flame proof laces. The HS66 Series features a Heavy Duty Nitrile Rubber Soling System, with an integrated comfort layer of urethane cushioning. The hard-wearing nitrile rubber outsole, provides a level of comfort and flexibility, unique to Oliver boots.

$295.00 / pair AUDInc. GST

Oliver 300mm Pull on Structural Boots


Complies with AS/NZS 4821:2014EN 15090:2012Type 2 Structural Firefighting Footwear

Water resistant and flame retardant leather upper. • TECtuff® toe bumper to protect against scuffing. • Lightweight, hi impact, non-metallic, wide profile Type 1 toe cap with a padded latex cushion liner to ensure toes not in contact with cap. • Fully lined with SYMPATEX® water proof liner & membrane. • Heavy duty red Nomex™ stitching. • COMFORT cushion® Impact Absorption System with PORON™ protects the heel and ball of the foot. • NATURE form® toe cap with a wide profile for greater comfort. Hi-Vis reflective safety trim. • PORON® XRD™ flexible metatarsal protection. • Q-Flex® non metallic penetration protection insole. • Excellent slip resistant sole; SRC slip resistant classification. • Electrical Hazard (EH) Protection. • Heavy Duty Nitrile Rubber dual density sole, with an in-fill comfort layer of urethane cushioning, coupled with a high density hard-wearing nitrile rubber outsole. • Outer-sole heat resistant to 300° Celsius surface contact. • Sole resistant to mineral & organic oils & acids. Cut, split and crack resistant.

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