Brady Compact Lockout Padlock

Brady Compact Lockout Padlock

Product Code : Lockout02

Designed specifically for use in electrical lockout applications, the new Brady Compact Lockout Padlocks help keep workers safe and equipment free from damage. Rugged yet compact and lightweight, these innovative locks meet OH&S lockout requirements and are well suited for harsh industrial environments. The non-conductive, spark resistant body enhances safety in electrical applications while its small size and shackle diameter makes it perfect for use on ever shrinking lockout devices. The precision machined cylinder offers more unique key cuts and better tamper resistance, with custom keying options also available. Lightweight construction, padlocks weight only 20 grams.

  • Size: H34mm x W32mm x 16mm Diameter 
  • Shackle Diameter: 4.74mm 
  • Colour: Red 
  • Material: Reinforced Nylon


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