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Akron 1030 - 25mm Forestry Nozzle


The Akron Brass 1030 Bushfire Nozzle is a simple dual flow with twist operation allows the user to switch between, low flow straight/fog streams and high flow straight/fog stream patterns.Designed for rugged forestry and bushfire applications. Features: • Dual flow adjustable pattern nozzle • Flow settings• Inlet 25 mm BSP38 lpm  Fog- 38 lpm Straight Stream115 lpm Fog - 115 lpm Straight Stream @ 7 Bar (700 Kpa)  

Jet Spray Nozzle 25mm Aluminium


Jet/Fog Aluminum Nozzle Ideal for use with a hose reel or larger hose.

Fantastic, lightweight, strong Aluminium construction, low profile, and easily serviceable. This is the ideal mop up, progressive hose lay nozzle. Its lightweight, small design makes it easy to use and move through thick vegetation. Low flow rate and suited to varied nozzle pressure means there is less concern when using multiple lengths of hose and for reduced fatigue on fire fighters.      A great quality choice at a low price for your farm or forestry fire.  Description Jet/spray design BSP female connection with washer Will fit Forestry and Storz adaptors Ideal for home fire defence Suitable for use with hose from 19mm through to 38mm

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Multi-Jet Nozzle - Alloy


Multi-Jet Nozzle - Alloy as used by Rural Fire Services across Australia.

The Multi-Jet has been a main stay of Australian Firefighting for many years. Reliable, easy to use, low water flow, and quality built. The Multi-jet has five settings, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm jets, and a spray nozzle.  Also available in Cast Iron or plastic.  

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Plastic 25mm Fire Nozzle


Power Jet Fire Spray Nozzle Female BSP Great choice for home fire protection.

High impact strength Power Jet Plastic Nozzle can be adjusted easily and smoothly with a twist of the wrist for a strong jet throw, cone spray, or fog pattern. They feature an  black polyurethane protective bumper to extend the life and prevent damage. FLOW:  ~60L/min @ 3.0 bar SPRAY PATTERN: Jet Spray / Fan Spray / Twist Adjustment MATERIAL - INTERNAL:  Plastic Body  MATERIAL - EXTERNAL: Plastic Body - Twist Closed CONNECTION:  1 " (25mm) BSPF  Inlet  MAX PRESSURE:  7.0bar (700kPa) (<100psi) MAX WATER TEMP:  50C Matches perfectly with the Lay Flat Hose Domestic for home fire protection.

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Plastic 38mm Fire Nozzle


Easy to handle, easy to hold, intuitive to use, economical nozzle

The Plastic 38mm Fire Nozzle from high impact strength polymer these nozzles can be adjusted easily and smoothly with a twist of the wrist for a strong jet throw, cone spray, or fog pattern. They feature an overmoulded black polyurethane protective bumper to extend the life and prevent damage to expensive marine decking and hardware. They are the ideal high pressure nozzles for wash down and marine fire protection on boats and dockside. Features: Light Weight Construction Overmoulded black polyurethane protective bumper Pressuer range 200kpa to 800kpa Uses: This nozzle is Ideal for wildfire work as it can be used in a way that conserves water. By twisting the nozzle slightly you can go from a fine low flow pressurised stream of water. Want more water twist the nozzle more. The nozzle will open up to a full fan. The nozzle will work from 200kpa to 800kpa The same nozzle can then be used for asset protection with flows of apprx. 125-150lpm on full stream at 700kpa or about 70lpm at 350kpa. Easy to handle, easy to hold, intuitive to use, economical nozzle

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Protek 309 Forestry Wildland Nozzle


Easy to use combination pattern nozzle with adjustable dual flow setting: 37-115lpm

Easy to use and rugged design. Combination pattern nozzle with adjustable dual flow setting: 37-115lpm @700kpa Simple twist operation enables the following settings: Off Low flow jet 37lpm Low flow Narrow fog 30° High flow Jet 115lpm High flow fog 1” 25mm Inlet 700kpa (100psi) nominal pressure Alloy Lightweight. Good quality wildfire nozzle with variable flow. Ratted at 700kpa but will flow at lower pressure with a reduced flow rate. Can be partially opened for even more reduced flow. A perfect nozzle to use for wildfire on a hose lay and for asset protection around town. Twist shutoff ensures the firefighter is always starting the nozzle in its low flow setting and then progressing through a narrow fog to the high flow setting making for an easy nozzle to train on and use without wasting water.  

Scotty Revolver Multi-Flow Nozzle # 4044


Alternative to the hard to get Dial-A-Jet

Scotty Revolver Multi-Flow Nozzle # 4044 A great alternative to the ever popular hard to get Dial-A-Jet. 4044 Scotty Revolver Multi-Flow NozzleCan be used with Class A or Class B foams, but is not designed to generate the type of bubble structure typical of our air-aspirating foam nozzles.Comes with a 38mm to 25mm reducer allowing it to be fitted to all standard Australian sized Bushfire Hose. 4044 Scotty Revolver Multi-Flow Nozzle The 4044 “Revolver” Nozzle is Scotty’s unique answer for the need of a multi-aperature field nozzle. The 4044 can be set on one of four different flow rates, three in a straight stream mode and one in a fan pattern. The pre-set flow rates are 11, 22, 38 and 45lpm. The flow rate is easily changed by rotating the outer barrel to the desired setting. The entire Nozzle is made from glass-reinforced, engineering grade polymer making it lightweight, extremely durable and corrosion proof.  Providing low flows with good ground penetration and through distance. Its light weight, strong, and easy to use. 

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