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Bag of Rags 10KG


10KG bagged selection of clean recycled cloth rags perfect for the home, workshop and many more applications. 

Chux Super Wipes Ctn-240


Chux Super Wipes 60cm x 45cm Commercial Ctn 240.

Fog Off Bottle 125ml


Fog Off Bottle 125ml

Tiddox Classic-450 Medium Duty Wipes 20 Pack


Tiddox Classic-450 Medium Duty Wipes 20 Pack

Trigene Cleaning Solution 5 Litre


TriGene disinfectant is a synergistic blend of several active ingredients. Dodecylamine sulphamate is a powerful salt developed from dodecyl amine and sulfamic acid. The salt has a high tolerance to hard water and soilage.  Poly (hexamethylene) biguanide hydrochloride is a good Grampositive biocide, with variable activity also as a virucide.  Octyldecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride is a powerful quarternary compound with antibacterial, virucidal and tuberculocidal activity at low dilutions. It is bacteriostatic in high dilutions with a very high tolerance to both hard water and organic soilage when in combination with dodecylamine sulfamate.

Trigene Wipes (pkt of 180)


Trigene Advance Anti Bacterial Cleaning Wipes - Pkt of 180

TriGene wipes are Aldehyde, Chlorine, Phenol and Ethanol free and are suitable for wiping and the cleansing of surfaces, all objects and wounds. TriGene Disinfectant Wipes are: Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal (including HBV and HIV), Tuberculocidal and Sporicidal.• Non-Irritant.

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