CMC Basket Stretcher Shield Plus

CMC Basket Stretcher Shield Plus

Product Code : HAR Stretcher031

Protect your patient from further trauma during stretcher evacuations and carryouts with the Litter Shield Plus.

A patient in a stretcher has a very limited ability to protect their face, head, and neck. Since its inception, the CMC Rescue Litter Shield has made several "saves" by deflecting falling rocks away from patients's heads.

The shield provides protection from falling rocks and debris, inclement weather, and brush without compromising access to and visibility of the patient's head. The Litter Shield Plus is taller to provide more room for a patient on a backboard or litter insert, and to help reduce the “closed-in” feeling experienced by some
patients. The mounting bracket eliminates the need for a railing clamp on the stretcher and allows the shield to fit most stretchers.

Molded of thick Lexan, the Litter Shield offers impact resistance with the clarity and weather-ability of glass. Patient comfort is increased due to the reduced need for other head and face protective equipment.


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