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Dial-A-Jet bushfire fighting nozzle


Dial-A-Jet bushfire fighting nozzle

The Dial A Jet Nozzle has proven to be a popular choice of nozzle by fire fighters, due to the unique casing design. By having a smooth design prevents fire hoses from catching on undergrowth. This lightweight nozzle is compact and operates with a simple twist action of the head for the various spray patterns.

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Jet Spray Nozzle 25mm Aluminium


Jet/Fog Aluminum Nozzle Ideal for use with a hose reel or larger hose.

Description Jet/spray design BSP female connection with washer Rubber impact ring

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Plastic 25mm Fire Nozzle


Power Jet Fire Spray Nozzle Female BSP Great choice for home fire protection.

High impact strength Power Jet Plastic Nozzle can be adjusted easily and smoothly with a twist of the wrist for a strong jet throw, cone spray, or fog pattern. They feature an  black polyurethane protective bumper to extend the life and prevent damage. FLOW:  ~60L/min @ 3.0 bar SPRAY PATTERN: Jet Spray / Fan Spray / Twist Adjustment MATERIAL - INTERNAL:  Plastic Body  MATERIAL - EXTERNAL: Plastic Body - Twist Closed CONNECTION:  1 " (25mm) BSPF  Inlet  MAX PRESSURE:  7.0bar (700kPa) (<100psi) MAX WATER TEMP:  50C Matches perfectly with the Lay Flat Hose Domestic for home fire protection.

$30.00 AUDInc. GST

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