Engel Hot Knife - No Cutting Tip

Engel Hot Knife - No Cutting Tip

Product Code : HAR HotKnife001

Model: HSG-0

The Engel hot knife is sold separately from blades and other attachments, and is compliant with Australian Electrical Standards.

** Colour: Green Dont forget to order a cutting tip as well!

The HSGM/Engel Hot Knife is designed to cut and seal synthetics, woven and knit fabrics, and cut and weld rope, cord and webbing. The controlled heat melts synthetics to provide a sealed edge or end. It is fast and safe. Trigger operated it heats up in 6 or 8 seconds and provides a light to illuminate the area being cut. Electric Knife for quick and effective cutting. Rope ends are simultaneously heat sealed in cutting process.


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