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Ferno Carbon Fibre Spineboard


Lightweight 5 kg, the Carbon Fibre Spine board for patients weighing up to 220 kg.

At a lightweight 5kg the carbon fibre spineboard is the only one of its type in the world combining unmatched strength, rigidity, flotation, ease of carry and comfort for patients weighing up to 220kg. The Ferno 390CF spineboard is compatible with ambulance stretcher patient harnesses which allows full transportability of the patient from incident to hospital. Features: 14 large raised handholds provide great manual handling options Raised sides for easy hand grip access Smooth durable finish makes the carbon fibre spineboard impervious to body fluids Quick cleaning and decontamination Strong, yet light in weight (5kg) Buoyant for water rescues MRI and CT scan compatible X-Ray translucent Specifications: Length: 183cm Width: 42cm Weight: 5kg SWL: 220kg 

Ferno KED (Kendrick Extrication Device)


The Original Ferno KED is a versatile means of immobilsing and extricating patients from vehicles or confined spaces. The wrap-around vest design provides horizontal and vertical rigidity and immobilisation of the spine, neck, and head during extrication. X-rays or advanced life support procedures can be performed with the KED in place. The Ferno KED includes wrap-around vest, neck roll, two head straps and a carrying case. Heavy-duty, vinyl-coated nylon is durable and easy to clean and the KED stores rolled up, ready for immediate use.

Ferno Najo Lite Spineboard


Designed for larger patients, the Najo Sports/Bariatric Board is a strong, one piece HDPE construction and 100% X-Ray translucent Features: Longer and wider that any other backboard with a SWL of 455kg 22 large hand grip positions including two at the foot and head end Impervious to body fluids allowing for quick cleaning or decontamination Buoyant for water rescue operations Guaranteed for life under normal usage Available with optional speed clip pins Product Specifications: Length: 201cm Width: 51cm Height: 6cm Weight: 12kg Load Limit: 495kg

Mantis Tri-Fold Evacuation Board


Folding, Light, Durable

The Mantis Tri-Fold Evacuation Board is compact and light, simple to deploy and extremely durable. It's ideal for vehicle extraction because of its slimline design. Suitable for vehicles that do not have full length lockers to suit standard spine boards/stretchers. Features: Deploys in seconds 227 kg load rating Optional backpack carrier Compatible with Ferno Fast Strap System Specification: Length Open: 183 cm Length Folded: 63.5 cm Width Folded: 40.64 cm Weight: 5.44kg Load Limit: 229.8kg

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Rescue Board Short


The Rescue Board is the perfect extrication board with 12 speed clip points and 6 hand holds. The unique design gives both rigidity and strength and can be used for patient protection during extrication. Specifications: Length: 880mm Width: 420mm Weight: 3kg

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