Ferno #26 Floor Lock

Ferno #26 Floor Lock

Product Code : MedicalStretcher01

Made from die-cast stainless steel the Ferno Floor Lock provides unrivalled strength, yet is simple in design and use.

The stretcher floor lock hooks are designed to fully capture the front and rear attachment points of the stretcher with one simple pull of the floor lock lever.

When fitted correctly the Ferno Floor Lock combined with an approved Ferno harness restraint will provide the user with a complete AS/NZS 4535:1999 system that safely and securely restrains a patient to the stretcher and the stretcher to the ambulance.

Ferno Floor Locks have been dynamically crash tested to 20 G forward and 10 G sideward and are compliant with ambulance crash test standard AS/NZS 4535:1999


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