Fire Finder II Model 955

Fire Finder II Model 955

Product Code : FireFinder01

The Model 955 Fire Finder Professional is easy to operate and designed to give reliable performance time after time. Held like a flashlight and waved around a suspected area, the Fire Finder Professional quickly finds hot spots and emits a loud alarm instantly alerting the operator. The pitch of the alarm increases as the Fire Finder is pointed closer to the hot spot allowing the firefighter to quickly locate heat sources without taking his eyes off the area being investigated.


  • Sensitivity - Responds to 200 degrees F hot area one foot square at  20 feet
  • Heat Indication - An audible alarm will sound when the FIRE FINDER II is pointed at a hot spot.
  • The pitch of the alarm is proportional to the  temperature - the higher the temperature, the higher the pitch
  • Sensitivity to sunlight - Detects a cigarette on a hot side walk in full sunlight 
  • Response Time - Less than 0.1 second to full audible alarm
  • Construction - Durable water resistant aluminium housing 
  • No plastic components
  • Operation - Simple on-off switch
  • Built-in self-test - Initiated when unit is turned on to assure the operator unit is functioning properly
  • Power - Four 1.5 volt AA batteries that can easily be replaced by removing rear cover


  • Verifies fire is extinguished
  • Seeks out residual embers in full sunlight
  • Detects transparent chemical fire during haz-mat incidences
  • Finds hot spots
  • Locates overheated ballasts in fluorescent lights
  • Identifies overheated machinery
  • Spots hot wiring
  • Prevents rekindle by locating residual embers during overhaul

Dimensions 10.25" L x 3" D


  • Dyn-Optics Model 955 Fire Finder Professional Thermal Scanner
  • Cordura Carrying Pouch
  • Reflective Wrist Lanyard
  • Operations Manual


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