Fire Hose Reel Foam Branch Kit

Fire Hose Reel Foam Branch Kit

Product Code : Nozzle010212

This fire hose reel branch kit is a simple foam
branch pipe with foam induction capability.
Foam is inducted at a proportioning rate of 6%.
This fire hose reel foam branch pipe is designed
to be used with standard AFFF or Rehealing Foams.

• Flow: 50 Litres/minute @ 700 kpa
• Length: 400mm
• Weight: 0.5 kg (branch only)
• Operating Pressure Range: 250 kpa to 1000 kpa
•  Throw: 6 m to 13 m (250 kpa to 700 kpa)
• Diameter: 45mm
• Construction: Anodised Aluminium


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