FirePro Wildfire Level 1 Glove

FirePro Wildfire Level 1 Glove

Product Code : Gloves0095

A light durable glove affording the wearer superior protection from wildfire hazards. Designed specifically for Australian conditions, the Firepro Wildfire (Wildland) Level 1 glove has been developed with substantial fire service involvement as a Type 1 Glove accredited to the Australian Standard AS2161.6 for Wildfire Gloves.

The glove has been well received by operational personnel. The Firepro Wildfire (Wildland) Glove has been widely adopted as the operational glove of many leading fire fighting organisations within Australia.

  • Body: Hi-wear grain leather
  • Cuff: An approved and FR tested blend of Australian Flame Resistant material
  • The cuff design restricts the entry of embers or foreign particles through the glove entry
  • Thread: Double sewn with FR 3 ply



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