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Compact Clear Box First Aid Kit


Compact clear box first aid kit clear box is a sturdy multi-tasker for your shop counter, workplace bathrooms or small office. Essential range of first aid to treat everyday minor injuriesCompact enough for a drawer, bathroom cabinet or counterDurable clear box allows quick and easy product identificationContents are regulated and safeguarded by the Therapeutic Goods AdministrationDeveloped under Australian First Aid in Workplace National Code of PracticeProudly designed and produced in AustraliaSuited to 1 to 5 people Ideal For: Office, Retail, Rental Accommodation, Travel

Easy Pouch First Aid Kit


For people who drive, for sales reps to busy mums, this durable nylon kit covers all basic first aid requirements. Press-studded for easy access and readily stored in the seat pocket or glove box, this kit is a practical addition to any vehicle.

First Aid Sticker


First Aid Sticker - White Cross on Green 160mm X 75mm  

National Standard Motor Vehicle First Aid Kit


Compact Workplace Vehicle kit for delivery vans, company vehicles and light utilities.

This compact Workplace Vehicle kit allows employers to meet their duty of care by providing staff out of the office access to high quality First Aid supplies. Features Red soft case for easy identification. Comprehensive range of First Aid supplies. Benefits Perfect for delivery vans, company vehicles and light utilities. Size: 30 x18 x14.5cmWeight: 910g Kit Contents: 1 x 1010 Bandage Conforming Light 5cm2 x 1030 Bandage Conforming Light 10cm2 x 1040 Bandage Conforming Light 15cm1 x 1128 Tape Surgical 2.5cm x 9m1 x 1181 Triangular Bandage 110cm x 110cm1 x 2010 Universal Dressing Large 91cm x 20cm1 x 2230 Adhesive Strips 50 Pack1 x 2100 Burn Dressing Small 70cm x 75cm1 x 2130 Non-adherent Dressing 10cm x 10cm2 x 2140 Non-adherent Dressing 7.5cm x 10cm2 x 2050 Combine Dressing 10cm x 10cm1 x 2080 Wound Dressing No. 131 x 2091 Wound Dressing No. 152 x 2170 Eye Pad1 x 3010 Scissors Medical 12.5cm S/S Sharp/Blunt2 x 305402M Gloves Nitrile Medium Pair (Disposable)1 x 3070 Forceps Pointed 12.5cm S/S Sharp1 x 3080 Accident Emergency Blanket1 x 3130 Safety Pins 12 Pack (Assorted)1 x 3140 Notepad & Pencil1 x 3218 First Aid Quick Reference Guide1 x 353802 Resuscitation Face Shield (without valve)1 x 4057 Bag Biohazard 16cm x 26cm1 x 4070 Bag Resealable Small 10cm x 18cm1 x 4080 Bag Resealable Medium 15cm x 23cm20 x 505415 Cleansing Wipes6 x 5111 Saline Steritube 15ml *Contents subject to change

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National Standard Snake Bite Premium First Aid Kit


The hi-visibility National Standard Snake Bite Premium First Aid Kit provides the most effective treatment for snake bite, with clear instructions that could help you save a life. The National Standard Snake Bite Premium First Aid Kit carries a Premium Snake Bite Bandage, featuring graphic indicators to show the correct tension point under the pressure immobilisation technique. The National Standard Snake Bite Premium First Aid Kit is an essential item for School Nurses and First Aiders to take on any camp, field trip or outdoor education experience. Kit contents follow Australian government health authorities' recommendations for snake bite first aidHi-vis orange pouch is easy to find in an emergencyKit can worn on belt or backpack for quick and easy access, small enough to keep in a bigger kitStep-by-step instructions anyone can followContents regulated and safeguarded by Therapeutic Goods AdministrationProudly designed and produced in Australia For external use only. Store in cool, dry place.

Snake Bite First Aid Kit

FirstAid SBK01

Personal sized snakebite kit with velcro strips to attach to belt or backpack.

Personal sized snakebite kit with velcro strips to attach to belt or backpack.  Size: 12 x 13.5 x 6cmWeight: 690g 2 x 1064 Bandage Compression Extra Firm 10cm1 x 1181 Triangular bandage 110 x 110cm1 x 121004 Instant Cold pack Mini1 x 2139 Non adherent dressing 7.5 x 7.5cm2 x 515401 Antiseptic cream 1g1 x 305402M Nitrile Gloves Medium pair (disposable) Contents subject to change

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