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Akron Quick Attack Foam Tube to suit Akron 1702 Nozzle


• Provides air-aspirated foam with expansion ratios up   to 12:1 with AFFF• Flows: Up to 30 gpm (115 lpm)• Compatible with: 1" (25 mm) Assault & Turbojet Nozzles   manufactured since 2000

Angus Striker Self Inducing Foam Branchpipe S225-SHS 3-6%


with Pickup Tube & 50mm BSP Male Fitting

Angus Striker Self Inducing Foam Branchpipe S225/SHS 3-6% Lightweight branchpipe made in Australia for fire brigade and industry. Suitable for use on Class A materials such as forestry and structural fires with Angus Forexpan S foam concentrate as well as Class B foam concentrates.   Manufactured from rugged 316 stainless steel with corrosion resistant components, they are suited to onshore, offshore, underground mining and other harsh environmental applications.  Suitable for use with Angus Fire inductors.

Fire Hose Reel Foam Branch Kit


This fire hose reel branch kit is a simple foam branch pipe with foam induction capability. Foam is inducted at a proportioning rate of 6%. This fire hose reel foam branch pipe is designed to be used with standard AFFF or Rehealing Foams. • Flow: 50 Litres/minute @ 700 kpa• Length: 400mm• Weight: 0.5 kg (branch only)• Operating Pressure Range: 250 kpa to 1000 kpa•  Throw: 6 m to 13 m (250 kpa to 700 kpa)• Diameter: 45mm• Construction: Anodised Aluminium

Madd Dog Foam Nozzle


The MADD DOG multiple expansion foam nozzle offers a rugged versatility and performance not found in any other nozzles, With a twist of the wrist the MADD DOG produces low expansion foam (ratio approx. 12:1) with excellent stream projection or medium expansion foam (ratio approx. 30:1) with incredible production. (Quality of water and foam concentrate can effect expansion rates.)  MADD DOG's aspirating attachment is constructed of pressure injected polymer resins which make it economical, lightweight, and incredibly rugged. Even with the nozzle attached, the MADD DOG is still less than 8 inches long making it easier to store and use than any of its competitors, The MADD DOG can be used with a variety of nozzles. The opening on the Madd Dog is 2-3/4" in diameter and 1" deep. Nozzles with a smooth non ridged face produce better foam expansion with the Madd Dog.The nozzles listed below has been tested with the Madd Dog and produce excellent results. 1½" 1575 lexan forestry nozzle POK ¾", 1" and 1.5" wildland tips (specify old style bumper) 1.5" Elkhart 205BAF C & S Supply 110/23 1" and 1560/20 1.5" adjustable fog nozzles. Several C & S nozzles have the same size bumpers as the 2 tested. KK 1.5" Twister Made in the U.S.A.

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