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Angus Mini Turbex Foam Generator


The HI-COMBAT Mini-Turbex generator is ideally suited to applications in a wide range of industries including Municipal Fire Brigades, Military, Ships engine rooms, machinery spaces and cargo holds, mining applications and total flooding of basements, flammable liquid stores, cable ducts and control of vapour releases of toxic and flammable liquid spills in general industrial applications. It is also suited to outdoor situations where fuel spillages may occur, or a rapid flowing foam is required. These generators are designed to be robust and lightweight for portable use and can be quickly operated by just one firefighter, complementing larger output units like the Turbex MkII high expansion generators. HI-COMBAT Mini-Turbex generators are also compact, neatly sized to fit into a fire vehicle locker as standard equipment, and requires only an Angus HI-COMBAT IND225 portable foam inductor in the water line to induce the foam concentrate at 3% setting, for fast, effective operation. The unit utilises forced air technology from a highly efficient pelton wheel driven fan which enables expanded foam to be produced against high back pressures. This pelton wheel is operated by 4 water jets, with an additional 4 nozzles spraying foam solution directly onto the foam making net for bubble production. When the optional smoke extraction ducting is fitted, the HI-COMBAT Mini-Turbex is also capable of rapid smoke movement at rates up to 100m3 (3,560cu.ft) per minute. Any burning embers entrained in the smoke will be cooled by waterspray from the nozzles,preventing the risk of ignition in adjacent areas. This optional smoke ducting can also be used for removal of the foam once the fire is extinguished.   .

Angus Turbex MKII Foam Generator


Angus Turbex MKII Foam Generator Code: Foam006 Angus HI-COMBAT Turbex MkII High Expansion Foam generators are designed to produce large capacities of high expansion foam, up to 200 cubic metres (7,000 cu.ft) per minute for fast and effective flooding of large and inaccessible spaces with minimal water consumption and subsequently minimal water damage. The unit is also capable of rapid smoke extraction, positive pressure ventilation and removal of foam once the fire is extinguished.HI-COMBAT Turbex Mk II generators are ideally suited to a wide range of applications. These typically include filling enclosed areas with foam where carbonaceous materials and flammable liquids may be stored, such as basements, cellars, tunnels, roof voids, cable ducts, warehouses and mines. Large quantities of smoke can be extracted at the rate of 285 cubic metres (10,000 cu.ft) per minute by the Turbex Mk II at 7 bar g. inlet pressure with the special smoke extraction ducting. This facility can also be used for the removal of foam bubbles once the incident is over. Each HI-COMBAT Turbex Mk II utilises forced air technology and is powered by an enclosed maintenance free water turbine driving an aerofoil fan, so that only a pressurised water supply is required for operation with Angus Expandol High Expansion Foam concentrate, consumed at typically 4.5litres/min. A special in-built filter system protects the turbine and inductor from blockage due to solid particles in the water supply.A unique by-pass system allows performance to be maintained when working against high back pressures. Under suitable conditions foam can be produced to heights of around 8-10m (26-33 ft). with the by pass open.By control of both inlet pressure and by-pass valve, the type of foam produced can be varied in the range of 500-1100:1 expansion ratio. 500:1 is recommended for any fires involving flammable liquids and general purpose applications, whilst 1000-1100:1 is suggested only for back pressure and Class A material applications like packaging plants where minimal wetting is required.

Dosatron D3RE2 Foam Induction Unit


The DOSATRON water powered dosing pump is a simple and ingenious system that has demonstrated its worth since many decades in about a hundred countries. Installed directly in the water supply line, the Dosatron operateswithout electricity ; it uses the flow of water as the power source. The water activates the Dosatron, which takes up the required percentage of concentrate and injects it into the water. Inside the Dosatron, the concentrate is mixed with the water, and the water pressure forces the solution downstream.

Foam Tube 30m Roll Clear Plastic for Turbex Foam Generator


Foam Tube 30m Roll Clear Plastic for Turbex Foam Generator

Foam Uniductor 450 Gun Metal with Brass QRT Couplings


Foam Uniductor 450 Gun Metal with Brass QRT Couplings

Foam Uniductor 450- Light Alloy- 1-3% - with 50mm BSP


Foam Uniductor 450- Light Alloy- 1-3% - with 50mm BSP

Forexpan S 20 Litre Fire Fighting Foam


Code: Foam001 Forexpan S is a synthetic fire fighting foam concentrate specially formulated for Class A applications such as forestry and wildland fire control, structural fires, and tyre and paper fires. The balanced chemical system in Forexpan S reduces the surface tension of water to increase the penetrating power into burning Class A materials. At 1% Forexpan S can be used for small Class B hydrocarbon spill fires involved in a forestry environment. eg. leaking truck fuel tanks or refuelling equipment. Economical - 0.1% to 1.0% proportioning rate depending on method of application. Acceptable environmental characterstics. Flexible in use - can be used through conventional water nozzles, air aspirating foam nozzles, compressed air systems or dropped from aircraft. Easily premixed - with fresh, salt or brackish water. • Reduced storage space - one 5 gallon drum will produce 500-5000 gallons of foam solution. Excellent foamability - particularly with fresh water, making Forexpan ideal for use in fixed wing aircraft and helicopter buckets. Long Shelf Life - in excess of 10 years if stored in accordance with Angus Fire recommended guidelines.

Gusset Tube 250m Roll - 100 Micron for Turbex Foam Generator


Foam Tube 250m Roll Clear Plastic for Turbex Foam Generator

Plastic Spanner for 20 Litre drums


Plastic Spanner for 20 Litre drums

ProPak Portable Foam Unit


ProPak Portable Foam Unit

Quenchmaster Foam Proportioner A Class Foam Only up to 2000L-m


The reliable Foam Proportioning System to meet your needs.Quenchmaster is an around the pump foam proportioning system developed to provide simplicity of installation and operation. Can be retro fitted to an existing vehicle or installed on anew fire fighting vehicle.• Remote Mount• Y'Strainer• Foam On/Off Valve:  Optional• Operating Pressure (kPa): 600-1000• Flow up to (lpm); 1800 Construction:• Rugged construction of brass components and housed  in a fibreglass housing to provide durability Service:• Easy to service, simply flush out with clean water after Features:• Proportion ‘A’ Class Foam 0.1% to 1% and ‘B’ class  foam 3% to 6  

Scotty 5 Litre Foam Kit - to suit 25mm Hose


Features:• Designed as an "End-of-the-Line" hose attachment.• Provides fast and easy delivery of Class A or Class B (AFFF) foams.• Standard fixed education rates of 1% or 3% (if specified).• Ideal for applications in many environments; Fire Departments, Industrial  Facilities, Storage Facilities, Marinas, Aircraft Hangers, etc.• Manufactured from glass reinforced nylon for strength and durability. Options:  15 GPM Foam Applicator Kit 1-½" hose lines 30 GPM Foam Applicator Kit 1-½" hose lines 50 GPM Foam Applicator Kit 1-½" hose lines 70 GPM Foam Applicator Kit 1-½" hose lines  

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