G & H Titan Flame 25mm x 30m - with external lug couplings

G & H Titan Flame 25mm x 30m - with external lug couplings

Product Code : Hose7511311-eso

GH Titan Flame 25mm x 30m 


  • wild and forestry fires


  • Self-wetting through perforation
  • No fountain formation even at > 60 bar
  • Burst pressure over 100 bar for high performance reserves
  • Very small bending radius resulting in less kinking = longer lifespan
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance thanks to special G&H 4Z system
  • Distinctive design for high visibility in indoor firefighting through contrasting weave
  • Clearly exceeds level 3 requirements (DIN 14811/A2) for abrasion
  • Standard G&H HOSE GUARD protects against coupling defects
  • Stainless-steel wire hose binding
  • Less susceptible to tangling and stretching
  • Suitable for all types of hose washing systems
  • High-grade EPDM rubber lining, flexible at low temperatures, suitable also for hot water
  • This type of rubber guarantees a very smooth lining with low friction loss
  • Very good adhesion between the rubber and jacket
  • Water loss 2 litres/minute at 6 bar / 100m


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