Half Sked Patient Drag

Half Sked Patient Drag

Product Code : HAR Stretcher05

Ideal for tactical teams that need to secure and rapidly extricate an injured person, the Half Sked allows rescuers to bend the patient at the hips, allowing greater flexibility to turn corners in caves or confined spaces. It uses two-inch-wide chest and leg straps with side-release buckles to package the patient quickly and securely, particularly valuable if the patient must be immediately evacuated from a high risk area.

The Half Sked is made of the same durable material as the Sked stretcher, but is only half as long.
The patient is secured in the Half-Sked with sewn-in 50mm webbing straps with fastex style double adjustable
buckles, and patients can be extricated from the tightest of confined spaces.

Unlike the Sked® stretcher, the Half Sked allows the patient to bend at the hips, allowing greater flexibility to turn corners.
The Half Sked should not be used as a hoisting or immobilization device, but for cost effective extrication from the most demanding confined spaces there is nothing quite like it anywhere.



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