HAZCHEM Vehicle Spill Kit

HAZCHEM Vehicle Spill Kit

Product Code : Spill contain07

High performance small Spill Kits. Ideal kit for Laboratories, small Chemical Stores, Transport Vehicles & Emergency Response Groups. Features "Uni-Safe" Chemical Binder. This unique "one absorbent for all chemicals" product has many benefits. Although it is a little more expensive than other absorbents, it offers a high level of safety for the responder personnel in rapidly turning the chemical into a solid whilst suppressing the hazardous vapours. Containment Boom and Pads in the kit also supplement the clean-up process.

UNI-SAFE is a powder that absorbs and gels all chemicals (except mercury), biotech liquids and even body fluids, without creating a reaction Other absorbents on the market are chemical-specific, so you need several different products. This creates the risk of using the wrong absorbent on the chemical spill or the absorbent MSDS indicates restrictions on some chemicals, creating a potentially dangerous reaction. Since UNI-SAFE is universal, you save money by only needing one absorbent in the spill kit.

Kit Comprises:

 1 x Vinyl Weatherproof bag 55 x35 x25cm (clearly labelled Spill Response)
 1 x 2 litre Jug "Uni-Safe" Chemical Binder
 1 x 5 litre Jug  Spill Stop Econo Absorbent - all purpose powder
 1 x 1.2 m Hazchem Absorbent Sock
 10 x Hazchem Absorbent Pads
 1 x set Protective Gloves & Goggles
 1 x Security Lock Tag
 1 x full instructions and MSDS
 1 x clean up utensils (dustpan, brush, wastebags & ties)
 1 x Service Tag


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