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Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet

HAR Helmet03

The half dome employs a velcroe-adjust headband with an underchin clip to attach this brain bucket to your whole dome. Other advertised features are positive airflow vents, light clip holds a headlamp securely, padded brow liner absorbs perspiration and weighs: 15 oz

CMC Rescue Helmet Super Plasma

HAR Helmet10

The Kask Super Plasma helmets have been specifically designed for professional rescue and work-at-height applications. They are lightweight, compact, amazingly comfortable and well-ventilated with 10 air intakes, equipped with protective aluminum anti-intrusion grills to deflect debris and water. The helmet’s outer shell is made of high-density ABS plastic designed to withstand significant impact. The four fastening points of the chinstrap are designed to decrease the risk of helmet loss in case of an impact during a fall (breaking strength of more than 50 daN or 112.4 lbf).  Soft polyethylene side retractors regulate length of the straps, with a special red-colored ring on one for fastening the helmet to a harness. The advanced shape of the inner shell offers improved durability and better adaptation to all head sizes. Works perfectly with the CMC Rescue Sunbrero! • Available in various colours.• Weight: 454gm Optional Super Plasma Visors are available in three lens styles for added eye and face protection.

Edelrid Ultralight Helmet - Red

HAR Helmet02

Features:• Lightweight helmet with great ventilation.• Simple suspension webbing.• Easy to completely adjust:• Height of headband nape strap,• Headband circumference,• Chinstrap buckle lateral position.• Four headlamp clips.• CE - UIAA certified. Also available in White, Orange, Black & Turquoise

Kask HP Plus Helmet

HAR Helmet07

This new hi-tech helmet has been specifically designed for professional work and rescue applications. It is lightweight, compact, comfortable and well-ventilated with its 10 air intakes that that provide efficient cooling and ventilation. The air intakes on the outer shell are equipped with the protective aluminium anti-intrusion grille that prevents entry of debris into the helmet. The helmets outer shell is made of High Density ABS Plastic and designed to withstand significant impact from the above or side (meeting the requirement of CE EN 397 and CE EN 12492 standards). The helmets inner shell is made of High Density (HD) Polystyrene and has ducts that allow natural air flow and heat recycling. Four fastening points chinstrap is designed to decrease the risk of helmet loss in case of an impact during a fall (breaking strength of more than 50daN or 112.4 lb, CE EN 12492 Mountaineering Helmet Standard). Its safety release system allows quick fastening and opening of the locking mechanism and in compliance with the requirements of CE EN 397 (European Standard for Industrial Safety Helmets). Soft polyethylene side retractors regulate length of the straps. Provided with a special red-coloured ring on one of the straps for fastening helmet to a harness. Provided with the external lamp carrying clips made from strong Nylon 6.6 that are compatible with all head lamps available on the market. Accessories include Visor (Clear, Smoke and Mirror), Winter Cap and Adapter for helmet-mount ear muffs. Ideal for tree climbing, forestry, framing & roofing, sawmills, logging, construction, rescue climbing and other similar work activities. Made in Italy. WARNING: Plasma Work does not meet requirements of the CE EN 397 and ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards regarding electrical insulation. Plasma Work is Type I Class C helmet based on ANSI Z89.1-2009 classification. (NOTE: A helmet of Type I is designed to provide crown (top) impact protection. It is not intended to provide protection from lateral (side) impacts. Class C stands for Conductive and this class is not intended to provide protection from electrical conductors, and are not tested for electrical resistance). Available in White, Red, Blue, Black & Yellow

Petzl Vertex Helmet

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The VERTEX helmet is very comfortable, thanks to its six-point textile suspension and CENTERFIT and FLIP&FIT systems, which guarantee that the helmet fits securely on the head. The adjustable-strength chinstrap makes it ideal for both work at height and on the ground. The unventilated outer shell protects against electrical hazards, molten metal splash and flames. With its potential for integration of a Petzl headlamp, hearing protection, and multiple accessories, it is an entirely modular helmet, thus meeting the specific additional needs of professionals. Head circumference: 53-63cmWeighs: 490gColours: White, Yellow, Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Green

Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet

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Comfortable ventilated helmet for work at height and rescue With its strong chinstrap, the VERTEX VENT helmet sets the standard in head protection for workers at height. It has ventilation holes with sliding shutters to allow the ventilation to be adjusted as needed. Its six-point textile suspension ensures maximum comfort, and its CenterFit adjustment system adjusts the headband and keeps the helmet centered on the head. The VERTEX VENT is designed for optimal attachment of a PIXA or ULTRA VARIO headlamp, a VIZIR, VIZIR SHADOW or VIZEN protective shield, and hearing protection. Description: Excellent protection for work at height:- shock absorption achieved through deformation of the outer shell- strong chinstrap (greater than 50 daN) limits the risk of losing the helmet   during a fall Very comfortable to wear:- six-point textile suspension conforms perfectly to the shape of the head- CenterFit adjustment system adjusts the headband and keeps the helmet   centered on the head Vent holes with sliding shutters allow the ventilation to be adjusted as needed, while wearing the helmet.- comes with two sizes of headband foam Specifications: Head circumference: 53-63 cm Weight: 455 g Material(s): ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, high-strength polyester, polyethylene Certification(s): CE EN 12492 *, UIAA, ANSI Z89.1-2009 type I classe C Colours: Black, blue, red, white, yellow

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