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Drager PARAT 7520 Fire and Industrial Escape Hood


Drager PARAT 7520 Fire and Industrial Escape Hood - Industrial Gases and CO

Dräger PARAT® 7500 Ready for escape in only 3 steps Exceptionally innovative and intuitive: When opening the packaging, the filter plug is automatically released from the filter. The filter is then deployed into operational position and the hood can be immediately donned. Thanks to the self-adjusting internal head harness, no additional adjustment is required. All you have to do is open the packaging, remove and don the hood – and leave the danger zone. Reliable protection The high-performance combination filter reliably protects against a wide range of fire and toxic industrial gases, vapours and particles. The ABEK CO P3 Filter is approved according to the EN standard 403:2004 for fire escape hoods, the DIN standard 58647-7 for filtering escape devices and is tested in accordance with the EN standard 14387:2004 for gas filter(s) and combined filter(s). In addition, the filter is tightly sealed with two filter plugs keeping it safe over its long lifetime. 16 years of service life Replacing the filter after eight years will extend the service life of the Dräger PARAT Escape Hood to 16 years in total. For this, Dräger offers filter replacement service or expert training for your employees. Robust and ergonomic Both, ergonomics and wearing comfort were considered when designing the packaging of the Dräger PARAT Escape Hoods. The escape hood can be carried with a belt, shoulder strap, grip clip or belt clip. The PARAT Hard Case can also be mounted on the wall using a wallholder. Addtionally, the robust packaging of the Dräger PARAT Escape Hoods protects the device from damage.

Nomex-Lensing Structural Firefighting Hood - PAC IA


The most popular NFPA approved hood style

The most popular NFPA approved hood style. The notched shoulder and longer length allows for a more properfit and extra protection across the chest. • Thermal protective rating of 29.4• NFPA 1971- 2013 Edition• One-piece construction with shoulder insert• 18" overall length• One size fits all• Nomex/Lenzing blend

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