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Stretchers and Bridles

Aussie Scoop StretcherCMC Basket Stretcher Shield PlusCMC Litter Pack
Aussie Scoop Stretcher

Code: HAR Stretcher14


CMC Basket Stretcher Shield Plus

Code: HAR Stretcher031

Molded of thick Lexan 

CMC Litter Pack

Code: HAR Stretcher25


CMC ProSeries Stretcher Lifting BridleCMC Rescue Stretcher Lifting BridleDHS Basket Stretcher
CMC ProSeries Stretcher Lifting Bridle

Code: HAR Stretcher0111

This fully adjustable litter harness intended for use with a rigid litter
features parachute buckles on each of the four legs. 

CMC Rescue Stretcher Lifting Bridle

Code: HAR Stretcher011

Designed for high-angle rescues where minimum weight is important. 

DHS Basket Stretcher

Code: HAR Stretcher13


Ferno 71 Once Piece Basket Stretcher Ferno 71S Two Piece Basket StretcherFerno Adjustable Lifting Bridle BRB-TLB
Ferno 71 Once Piece Basket Stretcher

Code: HAR Stretcher03


Ferno 71S Two Piece Basket Stretcher

Code: HAR Stretcher030


Ferno Adjustable Lifting Bridle BRB-TLB

Code: HAR Stretcher06


Ferno Adjustable Lifting Bridle BRB-TLB-TX11SFerno Faststrap Restraint SystemFerno LifeSaver Rescue Stretcher
Ferno Adjustable Lifting Bridle BRB-TLB-TX11S

Code: HAR Stretcher131


Ferno Faststrap Restraint System

Code: HAR Stretcher011111

This ten-point, five-strap system quickly and effectively secures patients to backboards and other devices. 

Ferno LifeSaver Rescue Stretcher

Code: HAR Stretcher17


Ferno Res-Q-Mate Rescue Stretcher c/w BridleFerno Universal Head ImmobiliserHalf Sked Patient Drag
Ferno Res-Q-Mate Rescue Stretcher c/w Bridle

Code: HAR Stretcher20


Ferno Universal Head Immobiliser

Code: HAR Stretcher01111


Half Sked Patient Drag

Code: HAR Stretcher05


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