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Detection Equipment

Drager Air Current KitDrager Tubes - Ammonia 2/a 2-30ppmDrager Tubes - Chlorine 0.2/a
Drager Air Current Kit

Code: HazMat21


Drager Tubes - Ammonia 2/a 2-30ppm

Code: HazMat21115


Drager Tubes - Chlorine 0.2/a

Code: HazMat21117


Drager Tubes - Ethyl Acetate - 200-300ppmDrager Tubes - Hydrocarbon -0.1- 1.3%Drager Tubes - Hydrogen - 0.5-3%
Drager Tubes - Ethyl Acetate - 200-300ppm

Code: HazMat21112


Drager Tubes - Hydrocarbon -0.1- 1.3%

Code: HazMat21113


Drager Tubes - Hydrogen - 0.5-3%

Code: HazMat21114


Drager Tubes - Natural Gas Odorization (Tertiary Butyl mercaptan
Drager Tubes - Natural Gas Odorization (Tertiary Butyl mercaptan

Code: HazMat21118


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