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Hose Accessories

Hose & Ladder StrapHose Bandage 25mmHose Bandage 38mm
Hose & Ladder Strap

Code: HoseLadderStrap01


Hose Bandage 25mm

Code: HoseBandage001


Hose Bandage 38mm

Code: HoseBandage01


Hose Bandage 38mmHose Bandage 65mmHose Strangler - Wildfire V-Shaped
Hose Bandage 38mm

Code: HoseBandage010


Hose Bandage 65mm

Code: HoseBandage02


Hose Strangler - Wildfire V-Shaped

Code: Hose Strangler


Hose Winder for 38mm/64mm Fire HoseStand for 38/64mm Hose Winder Stenor Hose Repair Kit - Includes Heating Control Unit Cradle
Hose Winder for 38mm/64mm Fire Hose

Code: HoseWinder03


Stand for 38/64mm Hose Winder

Code: HoseWinder04


Stenor Hose Repair Kit - Includes Heating Control Unit Cradle

Code: Hose Repair01


Temp Hose Sleeve - 38mmTemporary Hose Sleeve - 25mmWildland Hose Clamp
Temp Hose Sleeve - 38mm

Code: HoseSleeve01


Temporary Hose Sleeve - 25mm

Code: HoseSleeve02


Wildland Hose Clamp

Code: Hose Strangler 001


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