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FARA Aztek Pro Elite (Rock Exotica)

HAR Kit01

These, configured as "set-of-fours" (double blocks) will enable the rescuer greater versatility in a personal mechanical advantage (PMA) for rescue and general rigging. The swivel Omni pulleys are hewn from a solid block of high strength aluminum and are engineered with great pride to withstand over 36kN of tensile force end to end. Remember, simplicity and efficiency is the name of the game. Always, when possible, use gear that provides multiple uses. The AZTEK's double end exemplifies that theme. Out of one zipper of the side pouch, the rescuer is provided immediate edge protection and from a second zipper of the same pouch, the rescuer/rigger can deploy this mini Mechanical Advantage in a multi-de of rigging applications, including hauling systems, tensioned back-ties, tensioned guying for artificial high directionals, dynamic brake racks, and dynamic directionals (approximately 8 feet when using the full 15m of cord) Kit Includes: 1 ea. Rock Exotica Omni AZTEK Elite blue pulley 1 ea. Rock Exotica Omni AZTEK Elite orange pulley 1 Quick Release Pin (Additional pins available for purchase) 1 Aztek Twin zip Pouch 1 Sterling 8mm AZTEK cord with sewn eye 2 Sterling AZTEK ratchets (one blue, one orange) 1 Sterling AZTEK travel restraint 1 Kong Tango 1 Maillon Rapide Oval Steel Quick Link 7mm

Ferno Economy Roofers Safety Kit

HAR Kit0941

Designed by industry professionals and tested in the field to meet the day to day requirements of roof workers. All components have been carefully selected for durability and quality ensuring longevity of service while keeping budgets in check. 1x Hi-Safe FH 50 Full Body harness 1x 15 m of 11 mm rope with sewn eyelet & steel screw gate karabiner 1x Personal energy absorber with rope grab and screw gate karabiner 1x 1500 mm Round Sling 1x Carry Bag ** Backpack version is available as well **  

Pro Choice Basic Roofers Kit - KITRBSC

HAR Kit101

Kit Contents 1 x Essential harness 1 x Shock absorbing sssembly pack 15m Kernmantle Rope with rope grab and thimble eye 1 x 1.5m anchor strap endless 25mm 2 x Screw gate karabiner 1x Kit bag Meets Australian StandardsAS/NZS 1891.1:2007

SALA Micro Haul Kit, 14m Rope Lifeline, 2m Working Length

HAR Hauler01

SALA Micro Haul Kit, 14m Rope Lifeline, 2m Working Length This complete 6:1 micro rescue hauling kit is specially designed for short lifts in rescue applications. Features include the following: • Up to 6:1 mechanical advantage• Compact and durable design• Integrated cam rope lock• 900kg safe working load Kit includes the following: • 1 x triple sheave micro hauler• 1 x triple sheave pulley• 1 x locking karabiner• 1 x quick link• 1 x mini explorer acender• 1 x 14m of 8mm rope• 1 x kit bag

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