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Genfo 18 Litre Knapsack


The Genfo Knapsack has a double acting pump, which means that water is sprayed on both the inward and outward stroke giving far greater impact than single acting conventional Fire Fighting knapsacks. 18 Litres Easy to store and transport with central hand strap and shoulder straps 2 stroke pump action Piston pump nozzle with screen on suction inlet and adjustable nozzle (jet fog) Adjustable nozzle Reaches straight stream to 8m and fog to 3m and has a flow of 120cc/stroke Comes in yellow only ‚Äč

$272.58 AUD

Rega 16 Litre Poly Knapsack


The Rega Knapsack Water Sprayer is constructed from strong, durable polyethelene and holds up to 16 litres of water. The Rega Knapsack Water Sprayer comes with a ''trombone style'' double action pump spray arm and nozzle and the spray pattern can be quickly and easily adjusted to either jet or fan. The Rega Knapsack Water Sprayer is designed for fighting low intensity fires or hot spots and for mopping up after fires have been extinguished. 16 litre tank capacity 490mm wide x 650mm high Double action hand pump 120cc per stroke flow rate Sprays a straight jet up to 6 metres Sprays a fog jet up to 2 metres

$231.00 AUD

Rega 16L Knapsack Bracket


The Rega knapsack steel vehicle bracket is designed to hold your 16 litre Rega knapsack securely when in transit. The bracket features multiple supports, an adjustable retaining strap and quick release catch. Features Suits 16 litre Rega Knapsacks Includes bracket and retaining strap Made from mild steel (powder coated) Dimensions Width 390mm Height 310mm Depth - 200mm Weight - 2kg The bracket has 6 x 8mm mounting holes and is a tight fit on the Rega knapsack

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