Lifetec FH Rescue Training Dummy Standard Adult 1.83m - 50kg

Lifetec FH Rescue Training Dummy Standard Adult 1.83m - 50kg

Product Code : Dummy05

The Lifetec Manikin Fire House is a high specification, flame retardant manikin that demonstrates a good balance between temperature and abrasion resistance. The Flame Retardant Manikin is fitted with flame retardant overalls and heat resistant firefighters safety boots that extend the life of the manikin by protecting the legs.

The Fire House Manikin will easily withstand temperatures of  around 160°C at floor level (400°C at the ceiling!) for many hours  and are designed for general training in and around fire houses and  hot fire cell training. The new manikins are far more robust than the previous FR models. They will of course deteriorate if placed to close to naked flames or used in excessive temperatures, just as  any fire kit would!  Fire House flame retardant training dummies are fitted with gum  boots, the boots greatly extend the life of the dummy protecting  the legs if the dummy is dragged along the ground. A separate hood, also made in Nomex blend material completely  covers the head, being separate makes the fitting of replacement  overalls considerably easier..


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