Lifetec General Purpose Dummy Adult 1.83m - 70kg

Lifetec General Purpose Dummy Adult 1.83m - 70kg

Product Code : Dummy07

These robust, market-leading rescue training dummies are realistic in size and weight, each one is produced using an inner core, an outer carcass and a protective overall.

The flexible inner core is weighted to human proportions using 2Kg packets of 5-10 mm aggregate, the packets are sewn into a Nylon 'inner dummy', with all the body parts (arms, legs, chest etc) held in place using Polypropylene webbing. This method of construction prevents 'slumping' of the aggregate and allows the dummy to maintain it's shape when in use,

The outer layer of durable, rot proof 15 oz Canvas has all seams double stitched and is further reinforced with high
density polypropylene webbing for improved abrasion. The two layers are separated and padded using 25mm flame retardant foam. The protective overalls keep the dummy clean, and greatly increases the lifespan; they are
produced using cotton/polyester woven fabric and are reinforced with high density polypropylene webbing in
identified high stress areas, the ends of the arms are further protected with Nylon reinforced PVC. The machine
washable overalls are fitted to all sizes of dummy.

All training dummies of 20Kg and over are supplied complete with gum boots.  The boots protect the legs
if the dummy is dragged along the ground. All dummies are screen printed with a warning triangle, a handling
risk note and space for you to record the asset number the date of purchase on the head.





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