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Megaphone with Shoulder Strap 10 watt


Requires 6 x C Batteries

Megaphone with Shoulder Strap - 10watt (requires 6 x C Batteries - not included)

Megaphone with Siren, Detachable Microphone and Shoulder Strap -


Power Rating: 25watts MAX (15watt)Weight: 1.65Kg w/o batteriesDimensions: 340mm x 230mm (dia) LH25FM Shoulder Strap Version w/Microphone and Siren  

STM Mechtric Megaphone


STM Megaphone for Fire and Safety Applications Choice of outputs - 10 W or 15 W Public address and siren/whistle sound Separate microphone  Features 10 W: Whistle sound 320 m max range 6 x C batteries (not included) 350 x 200 mm 1.5 kg  Features: 15 W Siren sound 500 m max range 6 x C batteries (not included)  355 x 235 mm  1.6 kg

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