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Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit


This is the one for creating a disaster where application of makeup on multiple casualties creates the widest range of wounds. This kit contains specialty wounds associated with gunshots, like perforations, major avulsions, and complex jaw wounds, and a large supply of makeup components. Kit Contents:Bleeding Strap on Moulages complete with Reservoir Bag & Pump Assembly: 2 Compound Fracture Humerus (Upper Arm)2 Compound Fracture Tibia (Lower Leg)5 Dozen Assorted Stick-On Injury Simulations1 Make Up Palette, 1 Pair Of Scissors1 Mirror (# 838), 1 Measuring Cup 2 Atomizer Mist Sprayer1 Casualty Simulation Wax1 Body Adhesive For Stick-On Wounds2 Bottles Of Coagulant Makeup Blood3 Packages Of Powder To Make, Three Gallons Of Simulated Blood1 Methyl Cellulose For Blood Thickening2 Packages Of Broken Plexiglas, Simulating Glass Imbedded In Wound2 Fake Dirt1 Glycerine For Simulating Perspiration1 Cold Cream, 1 Mineral Oil 1 Charcoal 3 Latex Compound to simulate scars 2 Petroleum Jelly 2 Pressure Sensitive Tape1 Plastalene Modelling Paste - White1 Plastalene Modelling Paste - Dark2 Each Makeup Liners ½ Oz. Each, Colors: Red, Blue, Brown, White, Yellow, Black & Flesh. Reorder Is 1 Each. Also Included: An Assortment of Cotton Balls 100/Pkt., Cotton Applicators/Swab Sticks 100/Pkt. Tongue Depressors Pkt/100), Tissues, Makeup Sponges Set Of 6, and Spatulas Pkt/6)

Basic Casualty Simulation Kit


The most economical way to get started in simulated injuries. Re-useable wounds and refillable accessories let you practice bandaging and splinting techniques repeatedly. Kit Contents:Wounds: compound fracture Tibia; 12 assorted stick-on lacerations and open fracturesEquipment: rugged plastic case; assembled reservoir bag and pump on Tibia; atomizer mist sprayer Supplies: Coagulant makeup blood; blood powder to make 1 gal. simulated blood; casualty simulation wax;1 pkg. broken Plexiglas® (simulating glass imbedded wound); 1 ea. Grease paint white, blue, brown and red; 1 adhesive stick; 2 spatulas; 2 wood tongue depressors

Deluxe Casualty Simulation Kit


This new kit contains 7 bleeding strap-on wounds and 15 types of moulage stick-on wounds. The full line of accessories allows you to create 70 individual wounds, plus use your make-up expertise to create realism in your evolutions. Packaged in a sturdy carry case, the kit also contains instructions. Kit Contents:Stick-on Wounds, Eyeball (900), Foreign body protrusion (901), Eviscerated intestines (902), Large laceration 5 mm (903), Medium laceration 3 mm (904), Small laceration 1 mm (905), Compound fractured tibia (906), Compound fractured humerus (907), Compound fractured femur (908), Small sepsis wound (909), Large sepsis wound (910), Avulsion 3 x 5 cm (911), Major avulsion 8 x 5 cm (912),Crushed foot (913), 2nd degree burn (914), 1st, 2nd, & 3rd degree burn (827), Small flesh wound (824), Large fracture (830), Jaw Wound (829), Small Fracture (826), Perforated Wound (828), BLEEDING STRAP ON WOUNDS (7), COMPLETE WITH BLOOD RESERVOIR BAGS AND PUMPS, Crushed foot (6730), Impalement lower leg (6729), Broken clavicle (6727), Compound fracture ofHumerous (6816), Compound fracture Tibia (6761), Laceration of forearm (6726), Projectile Entry (6728); Burnt Tibia (6710). Makeup Accessories:Atomizer (839), Body adhesive (PP2159), Cold cream (851), Cotton balls (843), Glycerin (847), Mineral oil (240), Mirror (838), Pallet (834), Petroleum jelly (239), Plexiglas pack (230), Q-tips (reorder 100,841), Scissors (836), Spatulas (835), Sponges (241), Tape (845), Pocket pak tissues (844), Tongue depressors, (842), Charcoal (854), Fake dirt (233), Liners: black (236), white (220),brown (221), red (218), flesh (237), blue (222), yellow(867), Latex (231), Simulation wax (223), lasteline: Dark (855)White (856)1, Methyl cellulose (228), Blood powder (225), Coagulant blood (226).

E.M.T. Casualty Simulation Kit


This complex kit uses components applied to human and manikin patients to get the widest variety of training situations possible. Wounds strapped on, stuck on, created from wax, and made to bleed challenge both the volunteer and the professional in areas of burns, lacerations, fractures of arms and legs, and amputations; a good kit to simulate community disasters like bus accidents, or building explosions. Kit Contents:Bleeding Strap on Wounds Complete with Reservoir Bags with Pump Assembly: 1 Jaw Wound (# 6807); 1 Abdominal Wound With Protruding Intestines (# 6808); 1 Sucking Wound Of The Chest (# 6713); 2 Compound Fracture Of The Humerus; Upper Arm (# 6816); Compound Fracture Of Femur; Upper Leg (# 6819); Laceration Of The Forehead (# 6725); 1 Leg Amputation (# 6760); Compound Fracture Of Tibia; Lower Leg (# 6761); Gunshot Wound Of Palm (# 6881) Non-Bleeding Simulated Wounds: 1 Phosphorous Burn Of The Hand (# 6801); 1 Face In Shock (# 6882); 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Degree Burn Of The Face (# 6828);1st, 2nd, & 3rd Degree Burn Of The Chest (# 6724); 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Degree Burn Of The Back (# 6773); 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Degree Burn Of The Hand (#6799);,1st, 2nd, & 3rd Degree Burn of the Forearm (# 6802); 36 Assorted; Stick-On Lacerations & Open Fracture Wounds (Reorder # 219 1 Doz.) Makeup Accessories: 1 Body Adhesive for Stick-On Wounds (# Pp2159); 2Casualty Simulation Wax (# 223) 3 Bottles Of Coagulant Makeup Blood (# 226); 5 Packages of Powder; To Make FiveGallons Of Simulated Blood (# 225; 1 Pkg. Of Methyl Cellulose for Blood Thickening (# 228) Each Grease Paint, Colors: White, Blue, Brown, and Red (# 220,222,221 & 218); 2 Packages of Broken Plexiglas, Simulating Glass Imbedded In Wound.(# 230); Container Of Cold Cream (# 851); 1 Atomizer Mist Sprayer (# 839; 1 Plastalene Modelling Paste, White (# 856); 1 Plastalene Modelling Paste, Dark (# 855); 5 Tongue Depressors (# 842); 1 Tissues (# 844); 1 Fake Dirt (# 233) 1 Charcoal (# 854); 1 Petroleum Jelly (# 239); 1 Mirror (# 838), 2 Spatulas (# 835)  

Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit


Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit is more versatile than the basic kit. This unit gives you more complex wounds for testing higher levels of skill in bandaging and patient care, while keeping initial expenditures low. The kit comes in a heavy duty plastic tool box with a lift out tray for your convenience. Kit Contents:Bleeding Strap On Wounds Complete With Reservoir Bags With Pump Assembly1 open amputation; 1 compound (open) fracture of tibia; 1 compound (open) fracture of humerus; 1 sucking wound of chest; 1 gunshot wound of palm; 24 assorted lacerations and open fractures Accessories: 1 bottle coagulant makeup blood; 1 pkg. blood powder thickener; 3 packs blood powder; 1 adhesive stick; 1 casualty simulation wax; 1 pkt. broken Plexiglas® (simulating glass imbedded wound); 1 ea. grease paint: white, blue, brown and red; 3 spatulas; 3 wood tongue depressors

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