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25mm Aluminium Jet Spray Nozzle


Features:• Jet/spray design• BSP female connection with washer• Rubber impact ring

Akron - Parker O Lube


Lubricates without deterioration of synthetic rubber.Recommended for low pressure pneumatic and vacuum systems. Prevents dryness. Good for use on exposed cylinder rods, valve plungers, etc. Adheres well to surfaces; water resistant. Temp. range -20° F to 300° F.

Akron Field Service Kit


for Styles 1715, 1720, 4615, 4616

Code: Nozzle12001 Style 9108 Parts included in this kit are normally all that are required to repair leaks in the shutoff area.

Akron Field Service Kit for Styles 1701, 1702, 1704, 4801 & 4802


Parts included in this kit are normally all that are required to repairleaks in the shutoff area. Style 9180  

Akron Low-Temp Lubriplate 411gm


Repair instructions for Akron products often call for lubricants to ensure proper repair and long term service.

Akron Nozzle Tool Kit


Self-contained kit includes the tools needed to repair standard Akron® Nozzles. All tools packaged in a carrying case. Tools Included:• Hammer• Pliers• Open Face Spanner• Strap Wrench• O-Ring Lubricant• 2 O-Ring Tools• 2 Screw Drivers• 2 Punches• 3 Swivel Adapter Tools• 8 Hex Wrenches• Retaining Pin Removal tool• Size: 12" x 8 1⁄2" x 2 3⁄4"• Weight: 8 1⁄2 lbs.

AWG Alloy 50mm Jet - Spray Ball Valve Branch Pipe


Features;• Light weight alloy and rubber hand grip• 3 way ball valve, jet, spray and off• BSP male connection - available with curtain nozzle tip Flow Rate: • Jet -160 Ipm: • Spray - 140 Ipm: Throw Range:• Jet - 14M• Spray - 14M Inlet Size;• 50mm

Elkhart Brass Vulcan RF Monitor Extender


Elkhart Brass Vulcan RF Monitor Extender

POK Turbokador 500 Nozzle with 38mm BSP Inlet


POK Turbokador 500 Nozzle with 38mm BSP Inlet

Protek 309 Forestry Wildland Nozzle


Simple, easy to use design and tough, rugged construction. • Combination pattern nozzle with adjustable dual flow setting:   10-30 GPM (37-115 LPM)• Inlet Size: 25mm• Length: 89mm• Weight: 0.3kg Simple twist operation enables the following settings:• 1 - Off• 2 - Low-flow straight stream• 3 - Low-flow narrow fog• 4 -  High-flow straight stream• 5 - High-flow fog  

Protek 321 Automatic Nozzle 40 - 475lpm with 25mm BSP inlet


Protek 321 Automatic Nozzle: • Hard coated anodized alloy construction• Fully automatic pressure control to maintain effective pressure   and stream• Slide-type valve allows the operator to control the flow without   effecting the stream quality• Volume controlled by 6 positions of handle including the • Pattern detents for positive pattern positioning• Combination of fog and straight stream• Flush without shutting down• Moulded rubber bumper with fog teeth Specifications:• Inlet 25mm• Flow: 10-125 GPM / 40-475LPM• Length: 22.86cm• Weight: 1.3kg  

Protek 361 Select Flow Nozzle 50 - 230lpm with 25mm BSP inlet


Protek 361 Select Flow Nozzle: • EN 15182-2 Type 3 and DIN 14367 compliant• Combination pattern nozzles with multiple flow settings for operator   flow control• Produce straight stream for maximum reach and superb wide fog   pattern for optimum fire fighter protection• Easy to operate with a-quarter turn from straight stream to fog• One-click turn of the moulded bumper ring to flashover pattern position• Raised lug on the bumper for flashover fog pattern• Maximum flow position touch button on the flow selection control ring• Exceptionally lightweight and compact• Stainless steel spinning teeth ensure corrosion resistance and durability• Newly improved handle with two reinforced metal pieces to improve durability• Heavy-duty chrome plated shutoff ball ensures smooth action and    long-lasting service life• Ergonomic design pistol grip for comfort• Minimal maintenance reflected in robust design, precision machining and    quality materials• Compatible with Protek's foam aeration tubes• Inlet Size: 1" BSP F• Length: 19cm• Weight: 1.2kg• LPM: 50-100-150-230• Pressure: 6 Bar  

Protek 366 Select Flow Nozzle 115 - 475lpm with 38mm BSP inlet


Protek 366 Select Flow Nozzle 115 - 475lpm with 38mm BSP inlet Get the fire under control with the Protek 366 selectable flow nozzle.The Protek 366 can deliver 115-230-360-475 Lpm with a 38mm BSP Swivel Inlet. Major Features Include:• Strong lightweight aluminium construction• Constant selectable letreage - flow remains constant in all patterns• Change flow without change patterns and flush without shutting down• Multiple pattern detents for positive pattern positioning• Tight straight stream and 110' wide dense fog pattern• Quality stream performance at low pressure• Replaceable spinning teeth• Excellent for use with inductor and foam tube• Inlet screen to trap stones etc

TB10 Nozzle - 19mm BSP


 TB10 Nozzle - 19mm BSP 

TFT Mid Matic Nozzle - Model HM-VPGI 70-200gpm @ 100psi w-38mm BSP inlet


MID-MATIC W/GRIP 38mm NH (1.5") Automatic pressure control with a flow capacity of 70-200 gpm (260-760 l/min). Includes flush without shutting down, patented slide-type valve for turbulence-free flow control, six detent flow positions, and "Gasket Grabber" inlet screen. Lightweight hardcoat anodized aluminum for maximum resistance to corrosion and wear.  Pistol grip is mounted below the valve. 38mm NH (1.5") full-time swivel rocker lug coupling is standard. • Flow Control Method:  Automatic (constant pressure, variable flow, constant gallonage,   flow does not change with pattern) • Flow Rate:  70-200 gpm (260-760 l/min) • Coupling Size (Nozzles):  38mm (1- 1/2") • Coupling Style (Nozzles):  Rocker • Coupling Swivelling/Rigid (Nozzles):  Swivel (full time, even after tightening) • Pressure:  100 psi (7bar) • Nozzle Body Style:  Nozzle with shutoff and pistol grip • Valve Design  Slide Valve (Stainless) • Valve Actuation Method:  Horseshoe (Injection Molded Nylon w/ Colored Handle) • Fog Pattern Method:  Molded Rubber Teeth (fixed) • Nozzle Bumper Material:  Rubber - bonded • Certifications:   NFPA/FM

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