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Hand Sanitiser 5L Refill Container


Instant Hand Sanitiser 5L Refill Container Kills 99.999% of germs

Hand sanitiser is an alcohol hand sanitiser gel which provides hand sanitation without the need of water. Developed in complicance with BS EN 1276:1997 testing standard for alcohol based hand rubs wiht an alcohol concentration of 70% Ethanol v/v, as recommended by WHO for maximum efficacy. Kills 99.999% of germs. For external use only. ** PLEASE NOTE DUE TO THIS PRODUCT BEING DANGEROUS GOODS FOR TRAVEL IT CAN ONLY BE SENT VIA ROAD COURIER *** If you wish to place an order for this item please ring 08 8370 2739 so a quote can be raised for you.

$142.78 AUDInc. GST

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