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Aquafast Floating Pump 6hp


High Pressure Floating Pump -6HP

Features: Performance ratings: 1180 - 0 Delivery, l/min: 990 - 0.5 Pressure, bar: 820 - 1.0 Ex.700- means: 550 - 1.5 Maximum delivery at no lift: 0 - 2.5 Priming time in seconds: 2 Minimum depth of operation: 2cm Can run dry Detachable float 4 stroke engine: Kawasaki Fuel tank capacity in litres:  2 Running time without refuelling in minutes: 60 Discharge outlet: 2.1 - 2 Weight: 26kg

Basic Fire Pump and Hose Kit


Basic Fire Pump and Hose Kit Simple pump and hose to protect your home

Protect your home with this basic kit from Fire and Rescue Australia. This kit has an Onga Blazemaster Pump powered by the reliable Honda GX160 engine. If you plan to stay and defend this is the ideal starting point, or if you plan to leave set it up where the fire service will see it to help them save your house. This is home protection at its most simple. 30 meters of hose, nozzle with 10 meters reach, reliable Honda engine, and a reliable Onga Pump. Onga Blazemaster pump with Honda 160 Engine with frame, 30 meters quality 1 inch firefighting hose, made in Europe, Basic nozzle with 10 meter reach, and quality brass fittings.  Easily attach a second hose or an extra length of hose, Easily adapted to draw from a pool, dam, or water tank.

$1,399.00 AUDInc. GST

Darley Dolphin Floating Pump


Highest volume floating pump on the market. The Dolphin Floating Pump gives you the flexibility of high volume and moderate pressure. This lightweight floating pump is only 54kg and is easily carried by two people through the roughest terrain. Its clean compact design 508mm x 762mm x 839mm Specifications: Engine - 13HP I/C Briggs and Stratton single-cylinder, 4-cycle, air cooled, recoil rope start. Fuel is regular unleaded Float - High density polyethylene filled with closed cell polyurethane foa. Four built-in carrying handles Pump - Self-Priming centrifugal pump. Aluminum pump casing and suction head with screen. Bronze pump imeller. Single 64mm discharge and 100mm inlet 65mm BSP outlet Max Pressure 455kpa and Max Flow 1533lpm

Fire Pump Cover - Galvanised steel Made to Order


Custom Made Pump Covers

Here at Fire & Rescue Australia we can manufacture any size pump cover that will give your fire pump the rating required by many local authorities and fire brigades to meet the specifications for bushfire protection of your home. Please contact us for a quotation. 

Onga GX160 Honda Blazemaster Pump - Pull start with frame


Onga GX160 Honda Blazemaster Pump - Pull start with frame

Onga has a vast range of fire fighting pumps to accommodate your requirements. Onga’s single stage Blazemaster pumps are designed to move more water, more economically and come available in a wide range of petrol (Honda and Briggs & Stratton), diesel (Yanmar and Kohler), recoil and electric start models. Key Features Lightweight high grade corrosion resistant materials Large pump casing with raised suction port and inbuilt non-return valve for better priming capabilities Computational Fluid Dynamics designed hydraulic components for higher performance and efficiency Strong and durable construction Max. head – 65 m Max. flow – 650 lpm

$1,199.00 AUDInc. GST

Onga Hi-Flo Moulded Centrifugal Pump 413


The 400 series is constructed of high grade corrosion resistant materials Provides water flows up to 270 litres a minute or maximum pressure up to 26 metres Model 413 is ideally suited to circulation duty in hydroponic greenhouses and water transfer Casings are moulded out of strong ABS, making them suitable for the harshest of conditions Applications: High flow water transfer, light industrial and animal hygiene stations  

Onga Torrent Master TM1000


Onga TM1000 High Volume Pump with a Honda 6.5hp Engine

APPLICATIONS High flow water transfer and flood water evacuation. FEATURES Robust aluminium casing for lightweight high grade corrosion resistance Aluminium nut and tail fittings Cast iron open style impeller 3” inlet and outlet for high flow rates Strong and durable construction with built-in non-return valve aids quick priming Rotatable discharge port makes the unit adaptable to various applications Max. head - 35m. Max. flow - 1000lpm. PUMP INFORMATION The Onga TM1000 is a horizontal, single-stage centrifugal transfer pump. It features a more robust aluminum casing for light weight, high-grade corrosion resistance with 3” aluminum Nut & Tail fittings for ease of connection. Coupled to a highly reliable Honda GX200 engine, the TorrentMaster is capable of pumping debris free water at a rate of 1000 lpm. OPERATING CONDITIONS Suitable for pumping clean non-aggressive liquids without solids or fibres insuspension.Maximum water temperature: 40°C.Minimum water temperature: 1°C.Maximum ambient temperature:40°C.

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