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4 in 1 Radio with Emergency Torch and Dynamo


This compact multifunctional device features a dual-function torch (single 0.5W LED or dual high brightness LEDs), FM radio and emergency siren. All are powered from an internal battery, which can be recharged via USB, or by cranking the dynamo handle. There’s a USB charging outlet to provide critical power to your phone in an emergency too. If you find yourself with nothing but hand-power, the dynamo will give you over 10-minutes of radio or torch functionality, or two minutes of siren. Of course, on a full charge they’ll run for much longer. Features: Internal Lithium Polimer (LiPo) Battery Dynamo Crank Power Backup Dual-Function Torch FM Radio Emergency Siren

$34.95 AUDInc. GST

Nextech 2W UHF Transceivers - 80 Channels - twin pack


80 channel UHF transceivers for professional or recreational use.

A pair of advanced 80 channel UHF transceivers for professional or recreational use. Compact in appearance but feature packed with a VOX hands-free function, CTCSS & DCS, PTT IT transmit, a group call mode, emergency alarm, and much more. An LED at the top helps shine the way at night, and an FM radio is also integrated so you can listen to important broadcasts or for entertainment purposes. A feature not seen in many other models is the Stun, Kill and Revive function. This enables you to use the second similar transceiver to send a signal that prevents unauthorised use of a lost or misplaced transceiver. The high capacity 1300mAh Li-ion battery can last up to 13 hours of average use, and a lower power mode helps extend battery life when long range communication isn’t required. A mains powered charging cradle is supplied to keep the battery charged. Features:- 476MHz UHF CB Operation Band - Rechargeable - Built-In FM Radio - Hands-Free Function - 50 CTCSS Sub-Channels- 208 DCS Channels - LED Torch

$147.00 AUDInc. GST

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