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AC Hot Stick


High sensitivity detector for emergency responders The HotStick provides warning of exposed high voltage AC from a safe distance without the need to contact the surface carrying the current. It gives early audible ("beeping") and visual (flashing LED) warnings, and beeps and flashes more rapidly the closer it comes to the voltage. Comes with a built-in self test so there is no doubt about it funtioning properly. CONFIRM power shutdown, lockout, tag out, disconnects FIND hidden sources of dangerous AC from a safe distance DETECT power line back feeds from motor generators and energized pools of water ENSURE a safe environment for your vehicular rescue PROTECT the life of your first responders CHECK IT trust is good – checking is better Included: Carry case, DVD and Manual

Go Anywhere Toilet


The Go Anywhere Toilet structure is available separately and sets up in seconds with no assembling required. Designed to keep the outside of the waste bag clean, assisting with the hygienic transportation and removal of filled bags. The Go Anywhere Toilet is lightweight and conveniently folds into a briefcase. Comes supplied with 3 x Go Anywhere Toilet Kits. Length: 480mm Height: 35mm Depth: 130mm Weight: 3kg

Go Anywhere Toilet Kit


The original WAG BAG

The Go Anywhere Toilet Kit is a portable, waste collection system that turns solid and liquid waste into a hygienic, odourless, biodegradable substance. The non-toxic Poo Powder treats up to 900 g of liquid and solid waste allowing for multiple uses. The Poo Powder contains a decay catalyst that controls odours and breaks down solid waste into a spill proof, bin friendly substance. Commonly used by emergency services, defence, remote outdoor programs, expedition adventure racing and ultra-marathon events. The Go Anywhere Toilet Kit can be used with the Go Anywhere Toilet or by itself. Each waste kit includes a zip close disposal/transport bag, a waste collection bag preloaded with Poo Powder, toilet paper and a hand sanitiser.

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