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Brooks 230V Mains Powered Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

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The EIB166e is an Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with 230V AC mains power supply and rechargeable lithium battery back-up. It is supplied with the Easi-fit base to facilitate quick and simple installation, combined with easy detector head removal and replacement. The Easi-fit base automatically connects both mains power and battery as the detector head slides on. Main Features: Remote test + control - wired and wireless Integrated piezo-electrical sounder Easi-fit base Insect screen Memory Low battery indication Hardwire interconnect Wireless interconnect when fitted with RadioLINK module Certified to AS 3786:2014 5 year (limited) warranty

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Brooks Carbon Monoxide Alarm (10-year Lithium battery)

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The Ei208W Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm is supplied with a powered-for-life sealed lithium battery.

The Ei208W Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm is supplied with a powered-for-life sealed lithium battery. EI208W The alarm has a high performance, proven electrochemical sensor to sense CO levels (PPM). The sensor is individually calibrated and tested in Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas to ensure accuracy. The memory feature records the last CO alarm level and can be useful to check if CO has been present while the home owner or tenant has been absent from the property. The Brooks Photoelectric Smoke Alarm has the following features: The Brooks Carbon Monoxide Alarm has the following features: Proven electrochemical sensor (10-year life) Powered-for-Life sealed lithium battery End of life indication Easy to use large Test/Hush button Pre-alarm indication gives early warning of CO Loud distinct alarm sound (85 dB(A) minimum at 3m) Memory feature indicates if CO has been previously detected Power, alarm and fault indicator lights Add Ei200MRF RadioLINK™ modules to interconnect 2 or more alarms (sold separately) Interconnected alarms will all sound when CO has been detected AudioLINK™ enabled 5 Year guarantee (limited)

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Brooks Photoelectric 10-year Lithium Battery Smoke Alarm

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The EIB650iC Photoelectric Smoke Alarm operates on the light scatter principle to detect smoke particles entering the photoelectric chamber. The EIB650iC is microprocessor based which delivers compelling user benefits such as the unique automatic dust compensation feature which minimises nuisance alarms due to dust build up in the photoelectric chamber without compromising the functionality of the smoke alarm. The EIB650iC also supports Brooks AudioLINK™ which enables anyone to download the alarm diagnostics and statistics to a smart mobile device via a free Brooks AudioLINK™ alarm app. This takes the guesswork out of the alarm status and use. The Brooks Photoelectric Smoke Alarm has the following features: High performance Photoelectric chamber Automatic dust compensation Insect mesh Optional wireless interconnect facility AudioLINK™ enabled Easy install - no wiring required Large easy to use test button Silence nuisance / false alarms Built in sounder - 85dB(A) at 3 metres Alarm Fault warnings Specific fault led and diagnostic procedures Conforms to AS3786:2014 5 Year guarantee

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