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20 Litre Antari Smoke Fluid


Antari Fog liquids are optimised for use with all Antari fog machines and are suitable for most models of foggers. They are all water-based composition that leaves no oily residue. All of the liquid is odourless, non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-flammable. They preserve the longevity of your machines. The Antari fog liquid are eco-friendly to our environment and to human contact. FLG Heavy Fog Liquid (green colour) produces long lasting fog.Odourless, Heavy Liquid, Non-irritating, Non-toxic, and Non-flammable, Eco-friendly Features;• Long lasting fog• Eco-friendly

Antari Smoke Fluid 5 Litres


Antari: the choice of professionals world wide• Long hang time• Non-toxic, water based formula• Perfect for DJ, Stage, Rental, School

Antari Smoke Machine X515

Smoke Machine03

Antari X Fogger X-515, 1,500 W Heater 20,000 cu.ft/min. 6L tank capacityAs part of Antaris continual improvement and development of fogger products comes the X series mark 2. All X series foggers feature a streamlined contoured body and a 100% aluminium cast heat exchanger. The heavy duty pump with Antari’s proprietary circuit design and the powerful yet efficient heat exchanger ensure a clean but dry fog output unparalleled for a machine in its class. Special filtering and power management circuitry maintain constant performance under all conditions. The two X series Mk2 foggers (X510 - 1000w and X515 - 1500w) both feature onboard DMX and blue fog fluid indicator LED. Improvements over the original X series include refinements to Antari’s proprietary circuitry and improvements in heat exchanging technology reducing initial heating time by over 25%. An electronic fluid level sensor prevents damage that can be caused when fluid is low or run out by cutting machine operation.X series foggers are ideal for many applications such as installations, rental, clubs and their quiet design makes them great for TV and theatre

Antari W530 Wireless Smoke Machine

Smoke Machine026

Features:   • Built-in Wireless DMX• Upgrade piping system with electronic control valve      *** Provide clear burst without excess fog      *** Clear remaining fluid to prevent heater clog• Auto sense frequency• Continuous output• Wireless control• Opto-electronic fluid sensor Specifications:• Voltage: 240 Volt• Heater: 3,000 W• Output: 40,000 cu.ft/min• First Heat-up Time: 12 min• Tank Capacity: 6L• Fluid Consumption Rate: 5.3 min/liter (100% Output)• Control Options  

Antari Z10002 Smoke Generator

Smoke Machine 01

Antari Z10002 Z1000 Mk2 Pro Fog Generator, 1000w heater The workhorse model of the second generation of the Antari Z range of fog machines, the Z1000 II works well as a touring item, or installed as permanent part of your venue’s rig.  A 1000w heater pushes out 285m3 (approx. 10,000 cubic feet) of smoke effect per minute. That matches many larger machines, and the relatively compact size of the unit allows its use on trussing even in smaller spaces, or as a floor mounted device, It's set for DMX or with the included remote control. Specifications: Power 240VAC Power consumption: 105W Operating frequency: 50Hz Power lead: 1m IEC Fuse: 5A Power indicator: on mains switch DMX: 1 channel Effects/Control: Mains power switch, fog momentary Output power/level: 1000w heater, 285m3/min, 10000 ft3/min Warm up time: 4.5 min Tank Capacity: 1.7L Fluid Consumption: 1Hr/L Lead: 10m Included accessories / features: z10 remote Hanging Bracket: Included Weight: 6.8kg Dimensions / Weight: 435x220x145mm / 6.8Kg Construction: Steel silver and black

Antari Z1200 Mark2 Smoke Machine

Smoke Machine02

Antari Z12002 Z1200 Mk2 Fogger - 1250W Heater - DMX onboard Designed for professional use, the Z-1200 II Pro Fog Generator features a 1250w heater and, as with all the series II Z models, comes with Antari’s own ECO thermal control – patented technology allowing stable output and reducing warm-up times while increasing fog volume and duration.The Z-1200 II generates a flow of over 515m3 (18,000 cubic feet) per minute of fog effect. The unit has onboard DMX control, and a Z-8 timer/remote is included. The improved features of the Series II models mean less maintenance and greater reliability. One great feature about this machine is the 'low fluid cut-out' sensor which stops the machine from operating once the fluid levels gets down too low. This ensures that no damage is caused to the machine if it is left unattended. Specifications: Power: 240VAC Power Consumption: 1300W Operating Frequency: 50Hz Power lead: 1m fixed Circuit Breaker: 7A Power indicator: on mains switch DMX Linkable Effects / Control: Mains power switch, Fog momentary and latching button, timer, volume Output power / level: 1250w heater, 515m3/min, (18000 ft3/min) Warm up time: 10 min Tank Capacity: 2.5L Fluid Consumption: 38min/L  Included accessories / features: Z8 Remote control Hanging Bracket: included Weight: 11.1kg Dimensions / Weight: 440x250x178mm / 11.1Kg Construction: Steel silver and black

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