Solberg Foam RF 3% x 6% ATC Foam - 20L

Solberg Foam RF 3% x 6% ATC Foam - 20L

Product Code : FoamSol08

Solberg Foam RF 3% x 6% ATC Foam - 20L

Re-Healing Foam - RF3 x 6 ATC 3-6% -8°C RE-HEALING FOAM™ RF 3 x 6 is a new,
environmentally benign, synthetic alcohol resistant foam concentrate used to
effectively extinguish fires of flammable liquids (Class 'B') at 3% on hydrocarbon
and at 6% on polar solvent. It is a real AR-FFFP and AR-AFFF alternative without
fluoro surfactant or organ halogen ingredients.

For maximum security of fire fighters the product possesses excellent burnback
characteristics due to its re-healing capabilities of a rapidly resealing a foam blanket.

Most commonly available foam aspirating equipment as well as non aspirating
equipment, including standard sprinkler heads, can be used to obtain maximum
results. The compatibility with most powders provides the possibility to attack 3
Dimensional fires. Not only can it be used in case of fire fighting but also for covering
of a liquid spill to prevent re-ignition and it can also be used to minimise smell
inconvenience, due to the excellent vapour suppressing capabilities. On Class ‘A’ fires
it will improve extinguishment in case of deep seated fires. RE-HEALING foam
concentrates can be proportioned at the proper foam solution percentage using
common foam proportioning devices such as: educators, inline balanced pressure
proportion's, ratio controllers, and self-educting nozzles.

Solberg manufactured products are thoroughly inspected and undergo rigorous quality
control tests. These evaluations analyze the foam’s physical parameters as well as the
finished product’s fire performance.


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