Solberg High Expansion Foam - 20L Drum

Solberg High Expansion Foam - 20L Drum

Product Code : FoamSol07

ARCTIC HI-EX FOAM is a synthetic, foaming agent containing, among other ingredients,
a blend of hydrocarbon based surface active agents. It is a foam liquid of the type
Synthetic Detergent and specially designed to be used in medium and high expanding,
air aspirating foam generators to produce foam with expansion ratios from 200:1 to
more than 1000:1 depending of the type of generator.

Used as high expansion foam the product is primarily used to extinguish fires in
inaccessible areas, like warehouses, with displacement of air as main extinguish
mechanism. The induction rate for ARCTIC HI-EX FOAM is 1-2% and the generated foam
shows very good fire suppression capability.
The low mixture rate makes ARCTIC HI-EX FOAM economical to use. ARCTIC HI-EX FOAM
is a state of the art product with low environmental impact and virtually non-toxic
ARCTIC HI-EX FOAM can be applied simultaneously to a fire situation where other
types of foam are already in use.

• Visual: Clear, transparent liquid
• Minimum use temp: 2°C
• Storage temp: <50°C
• Sediments: None



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