Spider Strap

Spider Strap

Product Code : HAR Stretcher1321

The original and still the best! The Spider Strap is unmatched for ease of use and
effective immobilisation. You can quickly and securely strap your patient to a
backboard or stretcher in seconds, time after time.

• Spiders Straps are a body restraining system primarily for use with Spineboards.
• The 6 straps thread through the board and secure around the patient using high
  strength velcro.
• A Complete system to immobilise a patient on a spineboard. The whole set of
  straps are connected together to form one harness.
• A very effective way to hold a patient onto a spineboard.
• Made from Polypropylene and supplied in Multi-Colours
• An All-Black version is available to special order
• Machine Washable




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